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Romantic Date/Things to do for Girlfriend

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  • Romantic Date/Things to do for Girlfriend

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to plan something romantic to do with the girlfriend, but i wanted to do something out of the orginary and something i haven't done before,

    So far we're gone to restaurants, had nights in with dvd and popcorn just cuddling and i've done sensual massage with canles insense.

    Problem is i don't have much money at the moment because of bills stacking up.

    Anyone have any cost effective ideas? i was thinking maybe do a picnic?


  • Are there nice outdoor places to go for a walk where you live? A walk on a moonlit beach can be fantastic.

    Go on vacation to your home city: visit the tourist sights. Take photos of each other in front of famous monuments. Treat it like an exotic destination.

    Weather / terrain permitting, a rowboat or a canoe on a small river.

    Eat at a hole-in-the-wall ethnic restaurant. Someplace that feels authentic. Someplace you have never gone before.

    Rent a romantic movie - some are OK for guys.

    Or - if at that stage of your relationship, do something in bed you've never done before. (Each of you needs to suggest something).


    • I was recently taken to the local ice skating rink. I had never been before, it was only a few dollars to get in and we had a good time holding on to each other and talking.


      • A picnic is nice although in many places the weather is getting unpredictable. How about preparing a meal together? The Art Museum? If you are in town, a long stroll with a stop for ice cream or hot cocoa? Most newspapers list all kinds of events going on, some are free, see what you can find. Anything that gives you a chance to focus on each other or share an experience is good.

        The light of my life and I have ripped out walls together and had a blast doing it. Go find a hill you can roll down, fly a kite, buy a bunch of helium balloons at the dollar store and take a walk with them, there are so many things you could do. The important thing is to have fun doing it!


        • taking a nice walk in the park on a sunday is romantic! Buy some ice cream while you two stroll together too.


          • Romantic huh?? I can still remember me and my ex's first real date together. I live on the central coast of CA and I had told him we were goign to the "dunes" to tear up my truck. I eneded up takin him to this "melodrama" . Didn't cost much to get in (Kind of like a comedy play). and it was super romantic. We had such a great time!
            Somtimes with women it's not WHERE you take them but the kind of thought you put into your plans. I would rather do a moonlight walk (or picnic) on the beach than go to an expensive restaurant. It's the little things. Don't ever forget that!! Little things matter a LOT with us women! Becuae you have posted this question it tells me that you do care about those little things that will keep her ahppy. Much luck to you.. but at this point I don't htink you need it!
            "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!"


            • My boyfriend was in your position (exbf) and he woke me up with breakfast in bed and asked me to go toothbrush shopping with him. I was like okay..?! it was very charming and spontaneous. While we were in the store he asked me to model some lingerie for him just for fun though we both knew we didn't have money. it made me feel sexy and desirable. Then we got coloring books and pencils and drank hot cocoa and colored.

              This was so romantic because it was innocent and spontaneous and just plain fun. It wasn't your average date but it was a day of innocent fun with the one person I cared about. Good luck!
              This country throws the baby out with the bathwater, and it's darned "patriotic."


              • Good for you, Daniel! Your girlfriend is going to love this

                As to specific suggestions, I think the important thing is that you do something that makes her feel special and lets her know that your relationship with her is really important to you. It doesn't matter how much money you spend on it ... what matters that it doesn't seem too contrived and that it comes from your heart.

                Here are some quick thoughts:

                -- write her a poem and put it in a special card
                -- designate a day where she's "queen for a day", where she gets her way in everything
                -- have a date at a weird hour, like 3:00 in the morning or something ... take her to an all-night cafe for breakfast
                -- take her to lover's lane to watch the sunset, then make out like crazy
                -- get a book of love poetry and read it to her in bed
                -- sing to her ... a man once sat on the edge of my bed with his guitar and sang to me after we'd made love ... could he sing? heck no, but it was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes
                -- hide a bottle of wine and a couple of wine glasses in a park or beach, etc ... take her for a walk in the moonlight to where the bottle is hidden
                -- take her window-shopping for an afternoon ... women love that ... make sure you hold her hand and display enough physical affection that anyone looking at you can see how you feel about her
                -- be her sex slave for an entire evening
                -- and the old stand-by ... send her flowers at work

                Good luck to you



                • Hey Hayley thats awsome, anymore come to mind


                  • How about a stroll to see the holiday lights and decorations? Our zoo does a great display. You are in CA, close enough to drive to the mountains for snow? If Malibu is at all in range, ever been to the Getty Museum there? It's built as a duplicate of a villa in Herculenium, the building and location are wonderful and the art is great and it's free, just make a reservation, then maybe dinner at the Charthouse? The beach behind is a great place for a moonlight stroll (maybe save that for warmer weather). Go play tourist in your own community, so often we don't see the sights others travel there for.


                    • This is a great thread. I love everyone's suggestions. Especially being a tourist in your own town or the art museum. Cities are always having special local events, especially around Christmas time and a lot of them are free. Pick up a local weekly paper and page through it to see what's happening in your town. Maybe challenge yourself to do something you've never done before. Go to a play or an art opening or a lecture.


                      • "-- sing to her ... a man once sat on the edge of my bed with his guitar and sang to me after we'd made love ... could he sing? heck no, but it was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes"

                        Was the tears from laughing Desert! I don't know if i'd have been able to help myself Desert Spirit! So sweet though!


                        • Prepare a meal of finger foods, fresh fruits and veggies, fresh bread, cheeses, maybe some deli meats or summer sausage, wine or cold, fresh water. Depending on the weather make a picnic of it either outdoors or in. Inside you can lay down a blanket, add a few pillows....feed each other. Lick each other's fingers. you can take it from there.



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