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The Quiet

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  • The Quiet

    If I told you I've ever been happier in my life than I am right now, it would not be true. I can't remember ever feeling like something, anything was going my way from all directions at the same time ..for once.

    My life has always been a lonely one on the inside and I have deep down always just wanted someone I could love. That's it, just someone that would let me love them with all my heart and treat me well enough that I feel good about doing it.

    Last year I met a guy, perfect to me in each and every way shape and form. If I could build a man from scratch, he would be that guy. The guy of my dreams you could say. The one I had crushes on in high school or a co-worker I fantasized about, just all the little things I find sexy and charming all rolled into one human being.

    Of course I didn't believe there is any way the guy of my dreams would actually be attracted to me, it took me weeks of dating before I even let myself hope he did. I refused to let my heart get carried away.

    This man respected me, even when I didn't respect myself. He is kind. He is polite. He is a giver. He listens, and better.. actually pays attention and remembers even the most insignificant of dribble I spew. He laughs at my jokes. He makes me smile in my head when my jaws finally tire of beaming on the outside.

    He pleases me sexually. He holds me tight and doesn't let go until I do. He holds my hand in public and is not embarassed by my crazy antics or sometimes inappropriate attire. He's proud of me, and makes me feel that way always.

    He shares his friends and family with me and they all love him so much they have accepted and embraced me genuinly... at least its how they make me feel.

    His life is an open book to me, he shares his home with me and nothing is off limits. I respect him, and would never take advantage of this gift of trust.

    When I have had insecurity and self-esteem issues that caused me to become upset at myself and blame him for how I felt, he stood by me. Never angered at me for being rediculous. Instead he comforted me.

    When I went through a pretty traumatic event during the early phases of our relationship - he supported me and stuck it out with me and helped me heal... when he could have walked away as it wasn't his problem.

    He doesn't crave time away from me, he prefers to have me around even just hanging with his buddies. We spend quality time, all the time. In instances that I felt slighted, I spoke to him about it, he dealt with my concerns by reassuring me and trying to meet my needs that were feeling unmet.

    In return for all he does I give him the world... theres not an itch of his I wont scratch. Pleasing him is my pleasure, nothing makes me happier than making him comfortable, content.

    Is this really possible? Is there such a thing as true happiness in a relationship? I've never experienced it before this. And I am blown away by the reality of it. I feel more confident every single day. I am growing emotionally, I am bettering myself. My needs are met, I am full..Thank, God.

    I know people say when everythings peaceful, the storm clouds brew... but can it just be this way, always? This quiet, this dreamy satisfied state of being....this love.
    Scars remind us of where we've been...they don't have to dictate where we're going.

  • Up to you sweet....

    Effort, like everything in life brings results.....

    I think it's beautiful that you feel so fantastic within yourself, inner and outer and allow him to share this with you.

    Life is a journey, good and bad, remember bad doesn't mean bad, rather, working it all through, therefore, it's all good.

    Haha, you love my double dutch Aussie style.



    • Don't question it,just ride the wave all the way into shore!Sounds like you found your man,run with him!


      • Originally posted by Ed69 View Post
        Don't question it,just ride the wave all the way into shore!Sounds like you found your man,run with him!

        Also.............................................. ........

        What he said, ..

        I get the wave, shore, found....

        I think people can see it in this fashion Ed, you remind me of the fishing line...

        Reel in, let go, reel in let go... like a fishing line...

        Well said.



        • if its any help hopeless dork, thats the way i feel about my wonderful man. we just love being together, i feel i have found someone thats loves me, just because, its bliss.


          • I know how you feel hopeless, I too have found this absolutely sexy man that listens and takes time and has built so much of my trust back in men, we spend most of our time together every now and then we have a time out for a couple of hours or so which i think is healthy, but we get along so well, and he is so open and like you i waited for the storm to appear from being in a not so great relationship when i was younger, but when i get anxious or nervous about something he lets me talk and listens which is so rare in a man and calms me and the storm never gets past a small shower!
            Love it live it and soak it up is what i say and remember every day how lucky you are i think we are the lucky ones when you find something like that trust in it, go with the flow and keep enjoying it.


            • OMG? 3 Australians? answered.. I just realised whooooo hoooo.....

              Hopeless, me to... mine is hard as you know, America verses Australia...

              But you know something?

              When you know you know....

              Sometimes a journey can take a lifetime and sometimes, not at all.

              Go with it and be happy...

              It's a special time in your life.

              PUT A LITTLE 'LIKE' IN MY SOUL!


              • You certainly are right there CW life is certainly a journey I look at it this way, I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for ten years let my partner walk all over me cheat on me because I was so depressed and young enough to believe i could make it all work, finally when i made it all end and alot of counselling I felt like i got my reward with the man i have now, its still makes me stop and think but when you look at it like this everything you have been through is an experience and when you get the real great moments just see it as the light at the end of the tunnel, its beautiful its powerful and has the chance to heal so much wrong thats happened.
                Sometimes you have to learn the bad to accept the good and then it can still be hard its all a learning process! But how wonderful it is.


                • Wow, you all give me hope. HD just keep on loving him.


                  • i am australia CW but my man isnt LOL! i know i cant believe my luck to find a good man after all the carp my ex put us through!! and the very best thing is my lovely man thinks HE'S the lucky one. i smile every time i see him, his voice on the phone still makes my stomuch "flip" we sigh when we kiss, every night we watch tv snuggled up together. could this be love?



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