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whats you idea of a romantic date?

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  • whats you idea of a romantic date?

    Hi there.
    Out of curiosity, what is your idea of a romntic date? Whether it be a first date or a night out 4 years into a relationship?

  • Something you both enjoy in an environment where you can pay attention to each other, talk, touch, kiss.

    So: Dinner at a quiet restaurant. Walking somewhere nice - beach, mountains, etc. Boating on a lake, Exploring a city (either far away, or your hometown), Dancing, Picnics.

    I think its not: going to a loud club where you can't hear each other talk. Doing something in a large group. Adventure sports - need to concentrate on the sport, not your partner.


    • I think the two are different really as in the first date, you genuinely want to have the opportunity to get to know each other, therefore, it needs to have some criterias such as quiet enough to talk, nice enough to enjoy, good enough to remember...

      As for 4 yrs into a relationship, a re-visit to the first place we went to.. A limo ride, to wineries for the day, food and wine tasting, a cheap flight to Melbourne, without him knowing and spend the day there, after all it's just as cheap these days as to going to a restaurant to eat and you are in Brisbane


      • The perfect romantic date for me would be dinner at a small inexpensive restaurant with my husband. Followed by a walk on the beach, then sitting on the beach cuddling, kissing and listening to the waves.

        Unfortunately, my husband don't share my love for the beach. I don't think he realizes how much it means to me. I was practically raised on the beach in Hawaii.
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        • For me I am not into the romantic cliche stuff, I do not like fine dining restaurants, do not like dancing (at all), do not like candlelight stuff, no roses to a bathtub or anything. I end up liking to have fun rather than the romance, so for me personally I would like to go do something fun in the day like paintballing then go home and have him cook dinner for me, watch a good movie (aka not a chickflick) on the couch in front of the fire, then head out to a field someplace out of the city and look at the stars. Looking at the stars is one of my favorite things to do and about as romantic as I actually like it, we bring blankets and hot chocolate and sit in the bed of his truck. A day and night like that would be great date to me.
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          • Going to a restaurant where we really like the food, where what is going on in the background is not obtrusive and where we have some privacy.
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            • Originally posted by ItsASecret View Post
              For me I am not into the romantic cliche stuff, I do not like fine dining restaurants, do not like dancing (at all), do not like candlelight stuff, no roses to a bathtub or anything. I end up liking to have fun rather than the romance.
              Same thing with me... Except for the dancing, I LOVE to dance, him, not so much... But still, even if he did, going dancing wouldn't be all that romantic/fun to me.

              I'm more inclined to go with something fun and active. Spending the day hiking or out at the lake, going camping. Spending the day just hanging out by the pool. Tossing a cooler in the back of the Jeep, taking the top and doors off and go out "Jeeping" out in the hills. Hopping on the four wheelers and going out in the hills getting dirty. Hopping on the motorcycle and going for a ride.

              One of the funnest days I think I've ever had was when we went for about an 80 mile ride on the four wheelers, we were gone about 8 hours, when we got back not one single inch of us was clean, we were a pitiful dirty mess. But we had so much fun and I got some killer pictures.

              More often than not, we cap of the day being totally and completely utterly exhausted, passed out on the couch trying to watch a movie, lol.



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