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How do you know if he's married?

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  • How do you know if he's married?

    I'd love to get some objective thoughts on this: How do you know if a man is married or single? What are some signs? Unfortunately, I've learned asking doesn't get you the answer....
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  • Unfortunately, if they won't just tell you the truth, then you'll eventually find out the hard way. <_<


    • Absent/inaccessible at dependable times, never asks you to over, much less sleep over, you don't know where he lives, tan line on the ring finger ... I thankfully have not had to learn this the hard way, so I'm sure others will have more suggestions.
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      • I've never gone out either with a married man but you can tell I think....

        The problem is you become smitten and ignore warning signs...

        The time he text messages you, or phones you, the fact you can't text him, or call his land line, the length in replies if he does provide his mobile number, when he chooses to date, if he doesn't date after say one and just tries to come to yours all the time...

        Gives you a sorriful story about having to move back with Mum and Dad, so you can't go around or with horrid flatmates.

        Doesn't let you know exactly where he is employed, so you can't visit...


        • Social Media websites.
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          • Run a google search. Friend him on facebook and look for some signs. Do a reverse lookup with his home number and/or address and see if any other name comes up, and go from there.


            • All of the above. Basically if you feel like there is something he's hiding from you and goes out of his way to avoid certain situations (like won't go out with you in public for fear he'll run into someone he and the wife know) Won't let you come to his place and he can't be reached during home hours because it's hard to talk with a wife in the background. You can also do a public records search for a marriage license and a lot of times if you do a search for someone it will also include relatives of the person you are searching for (and those are typically free at most sites you just can't get much more info than that without paying for it.) With the job market the way it currently is, a lot of people have their resume' posted on job websites and while the info probably wouldn't be in the resume' it may be in the profile information. Public information is just that PUBLIC and it's really not too difficult to obtain if you know the right spots to look in. The social network sites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc...) have made it very simple to get information on people and no one is very shy these days about keeping their information private.


              • How can you tell.... he never asks you over to spend the night. You will never meet his parents or siblings. He only shares his cell phone..never a land line. He will always be busy on major holidays. He will make plans to meet for drinks and abruptly have to cancel. Probably will never spend the night at your place. Going away for the weekend is out of the question. I have dated a married man who claimed to be separated... these were some of the big clues, he was a liar.



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