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Wheres a good place to meet good guys?

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  • Wheres a good place to meet good guys?

    Where is a good place to meet good guys? I am a frequent user of online dating sites, but I am getting bored/discouraged on those.
    I was thinking of these places but still think I am missing ideas:

    Jogging along the river
    College (I start classes soon)

    But where are other good places where I can find a GOOD guy?
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  • Group activities - photography trips, hiking tours etc. Volunteer work. Fundraising marches.


    • Just a smile attracts a man, it's about finding what you are after Somit, not what comes along

      How is everything going?


      • Well I can tell you the club scene is NOT where they are! Lol
        I'm a 41 yr old woman and I went out casually with friends tonight to a local bar and then to a club in our downtown area.
        I was approached by men 22, 24 & 30 yrs old...none my own age. It was great for a laugh and I am genuinely flattered...but wow...


        • from my opinion i think the best place for dating its your real life
          coz everything online its not truth


          • Originally posted by kitty
            I was approached by men 22, 24 & 30 yrs old...none my own age. It was great for a laugh and I am genuinely flattered...but wow...
            A-ha - more details!

            You had three men moving on you? Danm girl, must have it goin' on.
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            • Definitely not online .. .

              Church.. hehe

              Travel more and you'll be amazed with
              the people you meet out there


              • Ok... So facts.

                There is a lot of investigating going on for on-line dating verses.......all aspects of fearful scenarios .

                Some recently have been revealed as factual. Stalking.. Murder.

                OK No seriously. One woman found that his profile picture upon meeting was false. This is recent. He instead had missing teeth, no ironed clothes, crinkled. She had arranged to meet him at a station. Go to lunch, she was embarrassed so took him to hers for coffee. Threats, etc and appearance and death.

                One of my first words were about on line dating. Carp but it is what it is.

                I used to think that it was a bit of dressing up, finding, now? Don't do it, full stop in my opinion... It's become too dangerous.
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                • School will probably be a good place to meet someone. You'll be come friends or at least acquaintances with your classmates, and even if you don't meet someone directly at school, I'm sure you'll make friends and maybe they know someone who's nice and single.


                  • My suggestion is Martial arts and fitness classes. You could see those who are really healthy and fit



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