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cant tell what to do

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  • cant tell what to do

    I recently had a break up with my man of over two years. he has been calling me almost every day since the break up. i told him i didnt mind being friends with him. and being the friend that i am he told me about his recent promotion at his job so i offered to pick him up some dress clothes using my disscount that i get at my job as long as he could pay me back i aslo told him that he didnt have to pay me for everything some can be a gift for his birthday. anyways getting to my point here he tells me i'm being to nice to him and why cant i be mean to him. he says im not making this break up easy for him. he told me the other night that it was upsetting to him that i didnt seem upset over the break up. i had told him i was upset but i was trying not to be a cry baby around him. from what is sounds like to me is that he wants to get back together but when i call he seems like he doesnt want to talk but if up there with him he's a chatter box. my question is does he want to get back together or am i being crazy

  • Its hard to break up after being together that long and constantly talking and being a daily part of each other's lives.

    If he's confusing you, maybe you could tell him you need a break and no communication for a week or two. If you can't live without each other, maybe you should get back.

    It sounds like he's taking it very hard, and is expecting to see you taking it as hard as he is, and since you're acting so strong, its bothering him! Men are so funny, really. It's kind of cute!


    • Yea definatly take a bit of a break! Men are uber confusing..they never know what they want until it is gone!
      [♥]Jessica Dawn[♥]


      • giving a break sounds like a good ideai had talked to him last night and he just seemed mad. one moment he wants to get back together and then another moment it seems like he doesnt. i thought men where suppose to have one track minds


        • Who broke up with who?
          Yea girl try just keeping away from him for a while it will definatly put things in perspective for him...
          [♥]Jessica Dawn[♥]


          • he broke up with me


            • hello,
              well in my experiences i have found that it is really hard to continue to remain friends after a break up. to be honest i have not remained friends with any of my exes. i have friends for that simple reason to have friends, someone i can talk to about anything, to trust, and ask advice from. with my exes i can't do that anymore. we broke up for some reason or another say like trust issues. i wouldn't be able to ask my exes anything like i would my friends. i'm cordial to them if i do see them but certainly do not want to be friends. in my opinion i think you should move on. take a break. well good luck i know men are hard to figue out.


              • sorry long time no posts

                hey guys sorry i havent posted on here in awhile. school has been extra hard lately and i have been sick over over two weeks- all thanks to my little brother. but neways

                so i did take a break from him but just could seem to get him off my mind and it seems he coldnt either. so we decided around the bring of this month to give it another go around. he has been really good lately we've only had one fight in the last month and that has made me really happy. we decided that fighting over the small stuff wasnt working anymore and that if we werent happy we werent going to put ourselves through anymore trouble. and so far its been going good minus him being a little werid the last couple of days. so all i can say is i hope it will work out this time and if it dont it dont........


                • Good luck girl... At some point, we have all been there... Hang tough and keep us posted...
                  If you want me to remember it, tattoo it backwards on my forhead... I might see it someday...


                  • new issuse need some advice asap

                    hey guys me again, with a new issuse. Last firday and Sunday (both days went about the same) i went up to my boyfriends house, i brought him lunch and something nice for him. We had a good time while i was there up until about and hour or so before i left we got into a bit of a fight nothing major just a little flight (mainly my fault). I said i was sorry and i didnt know what was my issuse just was getting mad easyly on those days. Well the last four days he hasnt wanted to talk to me and i have been trying to give him space. He came up yesterday, because he had a meeting near my house, and we went to lunch (it was nice) and went and got him a new phone, but when we left he said bye and gave me a side hug (no kiss). And that really hurt me feelings. What i wanted to get advice from anyone is that should i sit him down and ask him what is his deal, and why he hasnt talked to me, or should i wait for him to come to me?


                    • the giving woman

                      Each time you have written, you talk about buying him things.

                      And, the first time he said to you why can't you be bad, instead of nice.

                      I think, he has genuine feelings for you, but you are buying his love not because you need to or want to, it's probably your nature, a giver.

                      Men find it hard when a woman gives and gives and gives.... It's clostrophobic a little.

                      It doesn't sound like he's coming back for the gifts but it does sound like he wants you to stand a little more "taller".... confident.

                      He also sounds therefore a little confused of his feelings.

                      I say, stop buying him things every time you feel he's been a bit "strange" to try to make it up, what are you making up?

                      And, it seems you make a "little arguement" when you feel he is being a bit "strange" for a couple of days.

                      Honesty is good to. You both need to communicate a little more with each other and tell each other what you do like about each other and what you don't like about each other, make it like a game, no arguements, no pressure and find out, then work with it.

                      My thoughts
                      PUT A LITTLE 'LIKE' IN MY SOUL!


                      • I am sorry honey but I would learn the words to the song "The party's over". Trying to rekindle something that has died out is just about impossible. I think that is why in marriages it is so much easier keeping a special closeness even when things get rough. Sweetie, from the viewpoint of an outsider looking in for the first time, you are trying to buy back his love.....

                        Life just doesn't happen that way. You can hope and pray and do everything that you possibly can but stop hurting yourself more. Move on....He knows where you live and let him seek you out if he wants to see you. Don't go out of your way to see him at places that you both used to go to. Stay clear and mend your heart. It will take a while to heal but give yourself time and smell the roses out there....It will not happen if it wasn't suppose to happen...and it will if it should....TC, C


                        • frist i want to thank yall for yalls advice and i understand where it can look like him trying to buy back his love and all but honestly im not. during are almost 3yrs relationship he has always bought me stuff and ive never really had money to get him anything. well i just got a raise and now have the money to get him something. now the t-shirt was something nice to get him but the lunch was a im sorry for being a witch thing. but i guess ill just back off and see where it goes..



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