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  • Tinder

    What do you think about Tinder?
    Somebody use it?

  • I don't, but it seems to be quite the trend in larger cities. Have you used it?
    "Be what you're looking for."


    • I have not used it. I have friends that have. Mixed reviews.


      • I haven't used Tinder myself, but it could be good. I suppose if millions of people use it, it can't be bad. As a dating site, it must do well. Anyhow, I don't use it.


        • I used it while living in Chicago and NYC, and I never got any matches. So then I started swiping right on every girl and I still didn't match except with girls who were webcam models (ie were looking for guys to pay them to be on cam). But a friend of mine (who is very good looking) has had a lot of success with Tinder and another similar app called Bumble.


          • I was on Tinder for a while. I had a lot of matches but not even half of the guys would actually chat or keep a conversation. I have also used Coffee Meets Bagel and JustDating and I've met some nice guys there.


            • It'd be nice to meet someone special: regardless of whether on Tinder or on the bus. Still, I am sure there are many success stories on Internet dating websites. I think there is someone special for everyone: but a person needs to go out into the world to meet them. Live your life and someone special will happily come along. I do also think no amount of plus points on a profile can create chemistry. When it does, though, that is wonderful.

              Keep your options open as to where to meet your new partner!


              • Hi Charles! Welcome!
                This post is a couple years old now. Are you interested in making a new post on your dating experience?


                • Tinder is a place for people to say weird sexual stuff they wouldn't normally say. I have a couple of friends who found relationships on there but I just sold my underwear, marine clothes, pee'd on someone and had random sex.



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