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  • Orbiters

    I learned a new term today.

    Within about 5 minutes, I got 2 texts from 2 men I dated briefly, or met, over the past couple months.
    This happens often. There seems to be this cycle of starting to get to know someone, then ghosting out, usually with no explanation (not that one is due, necessarily).
    Then, weeks later, they contact me and act like nothing ever happened. Lol

    So I sent a friend a funny text about the situation and she said simply "orbiters".

    I had a good laugh. It fits so well. These guys seem to enter the air space and exit as if we're in some sort of cosmic pull.
    Space junk, or ***-teroid also seem to fit.

    I shot them down. My anti-missile defense is tight. Hi-Tech stuff here.

    So. Orbiters.

    Ladies? Similar experiences?

  • And they are called Orbiters because they circle around once in a while? I had never heard of this term before. I laughed. It seems so appropriate. Do you think each time they get shot down they simply orbit to the next one?

    That which we forget may as well never really happened.


    • Yep, that's the idea Claret.


      • Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post

        So. Orbiters.?
        there's an article "8 reasons why men like women orbiters"

        guess men like orbiters but women don't (for the most part)


        • Not me amy, that's for sure.

          I can get why someone not looking for a LTR would be ok with that.


          • Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
            Within about 5 minutes, I got 2 texts from 2 men I dated briefly, or met, over the past couple months.
            Then, weeks later, they contact me and act like nothing ever happened. ?
            kitty, did you think that maybe because of the holiday season, family stuff, vacations, etc, they were just busy
            and now that life is back to normal they wanted to ask you out again?

            not so sure I would have turned them down, unless you didn't like either of them
            it's not easy for men to ask women out as they face rejection each time, so they wouldn't have contacted you again if they weren't interested


            • The one guy I did chat with for a bit, and that wasn't the case with him.
              The other one, I had my reservation about him to begin with so, it basically just confirmed my thoughts, when he ghosted 2 wks before Christmas. He's a serial dater imo, and goes from woman to woman, and that's just not what I'm looking for.

              Nobody is so busy they can't say hello every few days if you're interested in building a friendship or relationship. That's my opinion. Even if you have family around, and all, a simple msg takes a few seconds.

              Anyway, it's just a thing with some ppl. Nothing wrong with that but it's not for me. I think it sort of indicates their approach to relationships, to communication, and how they really feel about me and their level of respect for me, or any budding relationship whether friendship or otherwise.

              If it's someone I've met more than once or twice, and been messaging awhile, I give an explanation and expect one when cutting contact. I think it is just courtesy.
              Then pop up and try to begin a conversation, it's fine but I'm not going to date them again. They're likely just going to ghost out again.


              • I've never heard of this before! It's an interesting topic. I am not sure what ghosting is: could you elaborate? Thank you!


                • Ghosting is when you're talking to, or dating someone and they suddenly stop all interaction. No contact. Just disappear.


                  • Hey everyone! I learned a few new words, too. Now, I know what ghosting is. And that the Orbiters are one type of being. Orbiters is such a good terminology used in Astronomy and all. And then there are these perverts-of-orbiters staining the entire term. Smh
                    Last edited by Amelia; 01-15-2018, 01:10 PM.



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