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Don't anybody ware panties anymore?

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  • Don't anybody ware panties anymore?

    I am dating an old friend who is divorced. After a day of swimming and beach combing we stopped at his house for drinks. One thing led to another and we ended up in the bedroom. We had never been intimate before, after an hour of fun, we were talking. He told me he was very surprised that I didn't shave my lady parts and that I wore white cotton panties instead of a thong. I wear the white cotton panties because I'm diabetic and we are prone to yeast infections and the cotton panties help. I don't shave because I like my nude appearance with a natural bush. Since I have been wondering if I am so much out of touch with the times?
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  • Not shaving lady parts is becoming a trend these days, AFAIK. I've never been a fan of the completely hairless look, so I am happy that natural has returned. Maybe your friend has to catch up with the times (or go more retro).
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    • I avoid undies when possible, and I am hairless or nearly so most of the time. Both personal preference, as there's nobody who matters enough to change my mind or habit.


      • Frilly pants can be hot. My partner has always worn thongs. I love wearing good boxers especially when the jeans come off


        • I want to be with a woman. My g/f wants a man who's good with being with a woman. That's an indirect way of writing that my g/f has not and will not shave her bush. She'll trim it when necessary, but she will not shave it. Before we began dating, she has had at least 3 men ask her to shave it. She refused. She told me that she was worried at our first intimate encounter, which was on our first date, that I'd become dissatisfied at the sight of her bush. I wasn't. We've been together for many years. I'm into her regardless of whether she goes a week or more w/o shaving.

          Pubic hair has never bothered me.

          Panties are an individual's choice. It's not my business to tell any woman to wear or not wear them.

          My g/f used to occasionally not wear panties. When we began dating, she was mostly "ready". Now she mostly wears them. When she wears/has worn short shorts, she has and will wear panties because it's necessary. When she's home, she never wears panties. When she's home and in short shorts, she doesn't care who sees her bush.


          • There's nothing wrong with being out of touch with the times! Everyone has different preferences when it comes to intimate encounters. Some people like to keep things natural, while others prefer a more polished look. You're comfortable with your body and don't need to conform to socially imposed beauty standards.


            • I have to say I've always been a little creeped out at the idea of completely shaving in that area. It just seems...prepubescent to me.


              • I started waxing (I refuse to shave, lol) in my early 30s and have kept it up for over 10 years. It's not about the appearance for me but how it feels. Penetration, oral, fingering, all of it feel better. I don't spend a lot of timing looking at my vulva and with the body I have, no one would ever confuse me with a prepubescent, so I don't consider how it looks so much as how it feels, sex feels, and I feel (which is great, by the way, lol). But I also don't think everyone needs to do it, and think having a full bush is a great option if that's what someone wants.



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