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Breaking up

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  • Breaking up

    I have decided that.a guy I have been seeing for a few months is just not right for me. I need to break it off. But he is a very, very nice guy and I am sure he is going to feel hurt and betrayed. He seems to have fallen quite hard for me, so I am absolutely dreading saying anything. We have communicated 90% of the time by text. Neither of us are big talkers on the phone. What are peoples opinions on breaking up by text? Is it acceptable? Any wise tips on breaking it off without feeling so guilty and horrible? Thank you
    Last edited by Kiwi; 04-13-2019, 01:35 AM.

  • I second HelenSmitt's post. Find a quiet place, where there are few people, make sure he's not in a hurry and you both have time together. Then tell him kindly it's over. Just be direct but tactful. He may cry but don't apologise. If he gets angry, leave and let his anger dissipate BUT - again - don't apologise or offer false hope. It IS over, so when you're done talking to him, just calmly walk away and leave him for a few weeks to accept the relationship is finished. He may well try to phone you, text you, beg or plead but DON'T GIVE IN. No matter how nice he is, you mustn't offer hope: it will devastate him further and you'll only have yourself to blame. Be direct but don't say sorry to him. If you truly care for what you had, you won't lead him on out of guilt.


    • The kindest thing you can say is that there is just no spark. It's not personal and an understanding person will respect it. Good luck


      • Yeah, not cool to break it off via text after months. Just tell him you're not feeling it...it's not working for you.


        • Honesty is the best policy in this case. Don't be blunt but tactful: whilst still telling him the truth.



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