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Dating and beauty maintenenance

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  • Dating and beauty maintenenance

    Hey guys,

    I'm 24 years old, and I work in a web development company. I'm not that perfect looking type, and I don't have a boyfriend for the past 15 years. My mom is always worried about that and wants me to date. I'm also tired of being alone on holidays as all my friends are committed. So before this Christmas, I want to date someone and wish to introduce him to my family. Next weekend, my sister has arranged a blind date for me. Before that, I would like to rejuvenate my face. This weekend I plan to consult a facial treatment clinic.

    Before that, I would like to know which facial is suitable for this winter season. Usually, I prefer seaweed facials during winters. But I'm looking for a treatment that's more effective than that. Can someone suggest the best facials that you underwent in winters?

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  • I certainly hope some of the ladies have some more useful information for you. At age 24, I wasn't doing anything to preserve my skin. Now, at 48, I do exfoliate, and moisturize well. I recently added Vitamin C serum, but that's about it for me. I think that a good sunscreen, moisturizers as well as drinking plenty of water are good for anyone's skin. Enjoy the date coming up!


    • I would be very wary of doing anything new to your skin too soon before a date. Depending on what type of treatment you’re looking to have done or is recommended at the clinic, you never know what may cause a reaction on your skin (or how long that reaction may last) — which is the worst thing to have happen right before a first date.

      So if you have something done, I’d do it at least a few days prior so you don’t have any unhappy surprises.

      I don’t normally do facials of any kind, so I don't have a lot of advice to offer. I wash my face with plain Castile soap and exfoliate with a netted loofah. That’s it. I used to use Aquaphor as a moisturizer at night during the winter, but I’ve switched to Oil of Olay (or Oil of Old Lady, as I call it) because of the niacinimide. My skin fares better with fewer products.

      I used to love using peel-off masks when I was younger – the one I liked most was made with cucumber and had moisturizing properties (plus it smelled really great).


      • I am into all natural beauty regimes. They are usually great for all skin types so you don't risk the chance of break out right before a date! I had no clue where to start with fixing natural beauty solutions at home and asked my friend. She has amazing...and I do mean amazing skin! Tight, glowy, little wrinkles...she looks great without makeup.
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        • you're perfect the way you are


          • Usually, the facialist can recommend the best facial for your skin type. Since you're young you probably just need cleansing and moisturizing. Sometimes they do extractions to get out any gunk that can't be cleansed away



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