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Pros & Cons of Cuckolding?

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  • Pros & Cons of Cuckolding?

    Hello, ladies!
    I have been seeing a wonderful person for the past few months and he admitted to me that he would like to try being cuckolded. I told him I would think about it because if I'm being completely honest, I personally don't mind the experimentation. I've never done it before and whether or not it enhances the sex is something I'm open to find out.
    However, I do genuinely like this lad and I'd hate any resentment built up over it, should he end up having a bad experience or not liking it.
    Has anyone been in this situation? If so, were there any benefits at all or should I steer clear?
    -Much love!
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  • Oooh, how fun.
    The best advice I can give is to discuss your goals, expectations, limits, boundaries, and feelings with your partner before you do anything. Being as open and specific as possible will help determine how to go about choosing a third, setting up a scenario, etc. The fewer aspects you leave to guesswork, the closer you’ll get to having an experience that works for both of you.

    and as with any new sexual activity, choose a safe word and affirm it with everyone involved.


    • I agree with Wednesday. I'd also say, if you do decide to move forward, keep the lines of communication open at every step. Feelings may come up (for either of you) that you don't expect, and it's okay to check in with each other, and even stop if negative feelings are more than you want to try and navigate.


      • Thank you to the both of you (:
        I will 100% think about all of this before making a decision!


        • If you are best friends, as you should be, very little discussion should be needed. We talked about everything before we got married, and I made it perfectly clear to her I didn't care who or how many men she went to bed with. There was no reason for our sex life to change. I do enjoy watching her with other men, seeing them enter her, and knowing how enthusiastic she is for a guy who is a good ****. I feel no intimidation by other men, as I am well hung, and it is seldom a man with a larger **** comes into the equation. I have never noticed any change in her vagina, except when I have sex with her immediately after another man has. Then she is a bit looser, and she is well lubricated from his semen. I like the way it feels to have my **** slide so smoothly inside of her. I also enjoy the mixture of tastes with both my own and another man's semen mixed with my wife's nectar to lick clean.
          Your relationship will depend on how good of friends you are. I personally love being the cuckold in the relationship.


          • A friends partner watched as her and I gave my bf a hand job. He and my friend enjoyed a bigger D. I actually really liked his average penis. It certainly wasn't small but he wanted us to say how much bigger my bf was. One of my bf friend has a giant D and I'd rather have a smaller one. Although they are fun to look at


            • A few years ago my friend and I swapped partners because I have a slightly bigger penis and he wanted his gf to ride me.

              My ex went with him and she had a loud vocal orgasm which was not expected. My friends gf loved it and I think it had a big impact on sexual chemistry.

              I've had other experiences where the guy wanted the woman to say how big I was. But it wasn't sexy at all



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