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Women Dating

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  • Women Dating

    Haha no stopping me tonight...

    Well, I think LLL will agree with this.

    Find a guy you click with and ensure you tell him that you are still intending on dating,

    You are afterall only into your second or third date... Last thing you want him to feel or think is that you have "settled" which is not good for you let's face it but for him, he needs to feel he has not WON yet and you are NOT his.


    Even if that is what you have decided, and you know it, I am of the "opinion" that you don't SHOW IT.

    So anyone who is dating do you follow these rules, thoughts?


  • I think you're making a great point CW. In my mind the woman IS the prize. Not to be bought, but to be treated with respect and to be sought after. Maybe that's the "hunter/gatherer" side of me coming out, but I do like and respect women and if I were in the dating scene today, I would date women I liked and treat them very nicely, not unlike how I would treat a Princess.

    To me there is something very intrinsically womanly about being somewhat mysterious and someone to be sought after and not mine...quite...yet.



    • I think that you should never shoot yourself in the foot before you start a race.

      If a man asks you if your dating or talking to other men then tell him the truth. However, I dont think you should tell him that your talking to other men if he never asked. Let him figure that out.

      He may misconstrue your comment, and think your telling him that your not interested in him as much as another man. It even may come across as you braggin as to say your not the only person in my life.

      Think of it if a man is on a date with you and he tells you for no reason that he is talking to other women. You may think WTF are you telling me this?

      Not all men like to compete for there women. Some men much rather give up instead of knowing that another man beat him fair and square. Afterall no one wants to see themselves as unattractive. To us men an EGO is a big part of who we are.

      In society women are seen as the Prize. Throughout time women have been the ones to select there mate. Same goes for the animal kingdom. Men displays value and female makes her choice among her selection. The downside to this is that females have competition with other females for that alpha male. If you make yourself unatainable then he will find someone else.

      If you like a guy and he likes you. Then by all means see him, just dont smother him. You should never make yourself to available but always be within reach so he constantly chases.

      hope this helps

      live laugh and love
      Nice guys don't finish last, weak guys finish last.


      • Well you two.

        I have been out on three recently,

        I swear they look on the outside, not the "in"...

        I have shown the "in"

        But again, I swear, lol, they are just seeking the "sexual" side, shame... cause that side is good.

        BUt, I have the understanding that, unfortunately for me that has been each and every one of their motive.. See a picture, aim at the result.

        Sure, that means, wrong guy but disappointing needless to say, as I could have gone out on 100 dates, but limited it..

        Perhaps i am chosing those whom are good talkers, trick the mind, until the meet?

        Fortunately, I am not nieve.

        But, sad, when you are ready, willing and able, act like a lady, but still show the "fun side" the "free side" and know that it doesn't go further because you know, that they know that you are not a "prize"....

        I could give examples and if I did, you would agree, he was only after.............

        But, you know I am smart so just accept that I know.

        Okay, so now onto the next 3 haha.




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