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Drowning in Sorrow

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  • Drowning in Sorrow

    I broke up with my boyfriend of three years for very stupid reasons but anyway not even a week or two after we broke up he went and messed around with a co worker of his needless to say eventually we got back together and he no longer works there and tells me the only reason he had sex with her is beacuse he was positive that we were over and that was the only way to get over me well lets just say that im having some trouble in dealing with all of this i love my boyfriend to death and i realize now that he is the man i wana be with for the rest of my life but i still cant get over the fact that he went and just fooled around with someone i guess what im asking is how do you get over the pain and how long does it take honestly i dont ever see myself getting over it and the thing that bothers me the most is its all my fault if i wouldnt of broken up with him it never would of happened

  • DON'T blame yourself for something he did. You DID NOT make him have sex with that girl. I don't think you really get over the pain. What happens is that you just start putting it more aside as time goes by and if the relationship is good. If the relationship is not good the pain will stay and the trust will never be there again. Unless he works real hard on getting your trust back. I wish you the best.


    • Time Sequence?

      So, you break up, not even two weeks pass,
      and he is in bed with a co-worker.

      He gets over you in less than two weeks,
      and 'out of a clear blue sky', a woman who
      he had never had any relationship with is
      suddenly so into him.


      Am I the only one who sees something funny
      about the time line?

      And now he's got the magic wand...he can always
      blame her for being unfaithful...

      It's your fault!
      You wouldn't have sex with me last night!
      You forced me to go out and have sex
      with this girl I bearly know...!



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