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long distance relationships

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  • long distance relationships

    well this is my story im 16 and i've been with my current boyfriend since i was 12. I moved to north carolina and now were in a long distance relationship i try to make things work. i spend all my time on the phone talking to him so he can feel as if im really there for him. im planing to finish school but im sophmore in highschool stright a student and im even getting letter from collages. but im worry if staying with him is going to affect my carrer plans. i love him with all my heart and he has different carrer plan but he needs to furfill them in new york but im in north carolina and droping all of it would be hard.. any1 got advice on my weird love life.
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  • i think that everything is fare in love n war you both need to talk about this and see where ya can come to a common ground, if he love you he'll wait for you n be proud that youre trying to do good for your-self having a long dist. relationship can test you both n play with our mind but if ya can make it work than that shows that ya are both willing and understaning young aluts who said age has anything to do with matureaty
    lies are equal to kisses


    • You are really young and have limited yourself severely in getting to know what is out in the world. You are moving in different directions and will be experiencing a lot of change in the next few years. You are at the threshold of the rest of your life, choices you make over the next few years can effect your life for years. College will affect your employment and earning ability for life.

      Loyality can be a good thing but this is a childhood romance, some do go to become successful, lasting relationships but they are rare and it won't happen if one of you becomes less than they could be for the sake of the relationship.


      • talk to him about it and find out what his thoughts are about both of your futures.
        if you have to, you need to learn to put boundaries on this relationship, allowing your career to go the way you want it to.
        i'm 15 and i've been with my boyfriend for over a year and he lives in virginia and i'm in illinois. we've been going through so much recently because my grades aren't as good as i want them to be, but i'm not willing to drop him, and it seems like you aren't either.
        just try your hardest to balance both your relationship and your career, and if it gets to be too hard, talk it out with him or choose which in your life is more important.



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