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Why do I feel so weird?? help pls?

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  • Why do I feel so weird?? help pls?

    Okay, I have been friends with this guy like 2 or 3 months or so, but I've only think of him as a friend. One day, he suddenly told me that he like me, but I'd rejected him. I felt bad but we're still friends. So, like a few weeks later, he told me he like this other girl, which is also my friend, and I thought oh okay, good for him, u know? But then he told me that they're going out. In me, there's this kind of feeling that I don't know. Maybe, I'm jealous or something? Seeing them together makes me feel ehhh..I really don't know what that feeling is. Could someone tell me what they think is going on with me?

    Maybe, someone has the same thing that happened to them and would like to tell or give me some advice?

    Thanks for your help ^-^

  • I'd venture a guess you are fairly young? Still in school? It may be a touch of jealousy. Even if you don't want a relationship other than freinds with him it may feel a little 'off' that he moves on so easily after professing to like you?

    He is being realistic and respecting that you rejected him. What is a real pain is someone who won't leave you alone when you've said, no, thank you!

    Could be you like him more than you have been willing to admit? Or that you do but don't feel ready to be more than freinds?


    • yea, im 17 and still in school. Maybe that might be the reason, maybe I feel a little 'off' since he move on so easily, but I don't know.

      No, I don't think that I like him or anything. Besides, it's too late already, he's already got a girlfriend.


      • I've always had the characturistic that if a guy has a gf (or wife now I'm older) I don't find him of interest at all. LOL. It's made my life a lot easier! I never wanted my gfs boyfreinds, have no interest in my freinds' husbands.

        Sometimes it can hurt just a bit if someone moves on quickly even when you don't want them. You feel kind of like, What? Am I that easy to get over?! But you never know what's really going on in his mind. When I was in HS not one boy at my school ever asked me out. I dated guys from other schools and some who were out of school. When we had our 30 year reunion, I had a couple of men tell me they had felt I was too pretty and too smart, so they didn't think I'd go out with them. And all those years I had felt they must have just not liked me....


        • lol yea, I'll eventually get over it. I wouldn't want my gf's boyfriend either that would be really horrible of me.

          wow really? were you surprised to found that out that they thought you were too pretty and smart to asked you out?


          • I was really surprised. I thought no one at my school wanted to date me. I had taken drafting, which was really weird for a girl in the early 70s. I thought maybe it was that.

            I had also been raped in 9th grade and thought everyone knew about it and that might be a reason too. Turns out very few people knew about the rape (pretty much just my own circle) that was an eye opener too. It had been such a trauma for me, I had rather self centeredly assumed everyone knew and was talking about it and such - really it was limited to a fairly small group. I probably cut myself out of a lot of stuff thinking I was kind of tainted or something.

            You know it felt good to find out I was wrong and that there had been guys that liked me but never said anything. Sometimes girls think the boys are so confident and all and really most of them aren't. A lot of them are afraid of being turned down or even made fun of by a girl.

            Now I have a son who is a teen and I think he's pretty good looking (OK I'm his mom, I'm biased- LOL) he's smart, runs track, is a good soccer player, lifts weights, pretty good at video games, into music. He has several girls who are freinds but never had a girlfreind. I think part of it is he's shy. Even if he really liked a girl I don't know if he'd ask her out. I know he's had crushes on girls and some of them have done everything short of yelling, hey I like you - but he just sticks with being freinds. Boy are a funny bunch. Hard to figure out sometimes!?



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