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My best friend is divorcing after 32 years of marriage

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  • My best friend is divorcing after 32 years of marriage

    (Personal info deleted)

  • Be happy for her, is what I think... She's been going through this for years and finally had the courage to walk from it..

    She will need your support but she has come to realisation that she does in-deed deserve better, or she wouldn't have made the move finally.

    It's sad that we "waste" time in trying to work marriages when they are in this state but encourage her of her new life that will un-fold and that she will never wake and wonder what's in store for her today, now she will wake and smell the roses and see the beauty around her as she is free.

    That's a feeling I will never forget, after the shaking and a few tears shed walking out and into my new home...

    But, I have never been happier...



    • i agree with CW, it is a long journey back from an abusive marriage, but leaving is the most important step, i hope she does write to you, as sometimes writing things done is so good for dealing with pain. where is she going, why dont they have the internet - that sux!
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      • Well you may miss her and feel badly that she went through that but just think - she is getting something better - she's getting out of an ugly situation! Stay in touch with her and give her lots of positive encouragement.



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