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My boyfriend's going away...

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  • My boyfriend's going away...

    Hi everyone, I'm posting on my friend PattiSioux's account, it's not actually her it's me, Mandy instead.
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

    Okay so my boyfriend of nearly 2 years is going away the day after my birthday for 9 days to Turkey. I'm 17 and we don't live together. He always goes off for a few weeks at Easter, in the Summer and Christmas for a week or 2 to Scotland to see his dad and I really miss him them but now he's going away for 9 days and I won't be able to contact him as he'll be in Turkey. I know it's only 9 days but I'll miss him so much. Trying to take my mind of it doesn't work because everything reminds me of him. I want him to stay but of course I don't say that to him.

    As well as missing him because I adore him and his company I'm worried he might oogle other girls. He wouldn't cheat on me but my values mean not lusting/looking at other people if you're in a relationship, I think he feels the same but I'm scared that lots of girls in bikinis at the hotel will distract him. I want him to be thinking about me if he wants to think about a girl.

  • Hi Mandy

    If you know he won't cheat, don't stress about this time away...

    Who is your favourite male Actor? Singer? Do you ever look at their photos in magazines?

    It's natural...

    We as women need to know what we have and not worry about "looking" if not touching.


    • Relationship is all about trust. If you really love him and his love for you, then you have to trust him that he will remain faithful and loyal to you while he is away.



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