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Boyfriend went camping and I haven't heard from him

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  • Boyfriend went camping and I haven't heard from him

    Hi! So my boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now and he went camping with his coworkers his weekend. Mostly men but a few women as well. I trust him and I don't mind that he is going with men and women. On thursday I saw him before he left and he told me not to worry and that he wouldn't be sleeping in a tent with any girls he was going to share a tent with his male friend. He also told me they might be having a little party friday night when they got there. He left yesterday afternoon and texted me on there drive up and when he got there but after that he hasn't texted me. I asked him how his night was and he never answered and then I texted him goodnight and he never answered. He almost always answers me when I text him goodnight. I just want him to send me a quick message so I know he's okay and I'm getting kind of worried. I don't want to be clingy and try calling him and sending him messages but I just want to hear from him so I know everything is alright. Am I getting worried over nothing? Should I try and contact him again?

  • I think you are worrying over nothing. I hate to say it. He is going away for a weekend camping and then off to a party afterwards. Wait until he is back and then ask him all about it. He may not have reception. He may be busy. He may be having fun with the people he went camping with.
    When he gets back you can find out what he got up to and no doubt he will talk at great length about it.


    • Hey.

      I'm sorry that you're worried. Maybe there's no reception where he is right now,
      or maybe he has another good reason for not writing. I know how it feels though, Im always trying to think that
      most people don't want to hurt other people, especially not people they love, and your boyfriend is probably not
      trying to hurt you, but sometimes men just don't think in the same way women do. I hope you hear from him soon.



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