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Loving someone who doesn't love you as much as you love them...

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  • Loving someone who doesn't love you as much as you love them...

    In most relationships and situation a partner can think or feel this way, this also occurs among friends. But Sometimes, it's really not like the person doesn't love you or mean that you can't have them, but perhaps it's as a result of a 3rd party interference with some spiritual power which therefore goes beyond the physical looks and judgment you may have of the person you love. The spiritual reasons usually is beyond what you can handle yourself( which simply means you need to seek professional help. Eg merujhaspellcaster) and also fight for the person if the relationship/the person is worth fighting for. Just thinking aloud and seeing other perspective to reason why someone might not be loving you as much as you are loving them.

  • The title to thread intrigued me and, of course, welcome to the forum. However, your reference to the Scamming and preposterous world of spell casting has made me think that there might not be much substance here. Are you involved in such a relationship?
    "The only consistent feature of all of your dissatisfying relationships is you." Despair.com "Dysfunction"


    • Being a witch and all, I would have to say this perhaps, is a bit far fetched, welcome to WH.

      Far fetched as in, off course there is good and evil in this World. And, there are those that don't care much for anyone other than themselves, are they evil? Not really, just have no values for anyone and so, not much love either. What about those that have never received "real" love as a child? Don't you think that they would have a difficult time with coping skills and being able to show love?

      Your "third party" in my opinion would only be involved if there was ill intent, deliberate intent, with something to gain.

      Then there is also those that are more shy than others, they also will find it difficult to show love in any fashion.

      If you put someone who has un-conditional love with someone that does not off course, there isn't going to be the right balance.


      • No I'm not presently not in such a relationship( but i have been in the past) but my friend is in such at the moment... We have had conversation about her situation at different times since the last 2 months(especially when she's depressed and emotionally down, cry all day, wouldn't eat, even lost interest in her job and all i have to do is listen, encourage and advice her on what to do and see some sense in my opinion in my perspective of what the situation can be sometimes( especially how i handled mine back then with the spiritual support i got from merujha. He looked into the situation and told me it was an hopeless case and that i had to find the strength to move on. It really hurt so much at that time and seemed like i would never get over the situation. I have tried to explain this to her many times( because i came to think of the whole situation and was eventually thankful cos if it hadn't been with the spiritual help i had received i would have just kept wasting my time,crying,emotionally, psychologically unstable and shut my eyes to every other men around and also become extremely judgmental and lack trust among other things. Ooooppppsss... i need to get somewhere now.


        • This is a weakness of the soul. Not enough strength. Therefore, fear steps in and in that, our minds (which is an extremely powerful tool) starts to thing negative thoughts, create false suggestions, questions. It can become over-powering to the point of crying, feeling depressed, in that, you don't want to eat.

          A medical person would immediately state that you are suffering from depression, perhaps anxiety even and give you medication to calm those nerves, thought patterns in the attempt to balance your body.

          Yet, if our minds are the most powerful thing that we have, we don't need spiritual interference from the outside world, rather within ourselves.

          Everything negative has a positive. Every single one of them.

          It's about putting an immediate stop to the negative thoughts and using the power of your own mind, to put it all into a positive perspective.

          Perhaps her man and your previous one, were not the right people for either of you. Perhaps their wave length was completely different than yours and hers. That you and her struggle/d to get him to be as you needed. You can not change people .

          We all fall in love. A lot of people jump and therefore settle and "think" they are in love, yet will complain left right and centre about the person. It's the thought of love a lot of people want and need and so, they put up with being with someone that is not compatible as they don't realise their own worth and happiness is of high importance and in that, someone of equality could enter their life if they only let them.



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