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charming stranger is crazy!

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  • charming stranger is crazy!

    I dono if I have this in the right spot. But I need to let this out before I burst I think I solved the mystery to clingy dirty beach sex : he's not clingy to stand a point he‘s crazy!! I just found out how to obtain public court records and found out he‘s been charged 17x . Stolen credit cards, possession of stolen items , uttering threats, assault with a deadly weapon , assault on police officer , theft of $5,000. , breach of probation. Etc etc

    What the heckler was I thinking falling in the moment with a nutcase? Ill never know. Wondering if I should look behind me when I walk at night. Kind of scared shirtless.

  • For some background... here is OP's original thread regarding the beach rendezvous: https://www.womens-health.com/boards...ake-guy-s.html

    Just chalk this up to a lesson learned, mz! Hindsight is always 20/20, and you can't undo that evening. You didn't know his history and were in the heat of the moment, so give yourself a break! You're human.

    What information does he have besides your phone #?

    Given you chose to stop talking to him and block his number, I don't think you should have much to worry about.

    Just keep an eye out. as you would for ANYTHING that's suspicious... but no need to be paranoid. If you start seeing him "around" when you previously haven't, that might be some cause for concern. However, if you haven't seen or heard anything of him since your night together and the few text exchanges, I think you should be fine. Based on his history, this guy seems like he's a bit of an impulsive criminal, and an opportunist. You took his "opportunity" away, and he's probably moved on to the next by now.


    • Kmonte85 - I thought I could let it go but couldn't so I ran a background check with his full name & hometown he claimed to be from, his birthday. Got a bit disturbed. I guess your right im most likely in the clear been almost 3 weeks he hasn't exploded my phone.


      • Shesh. Good thing you found out SOONER rather than later. I'm with KM. Don't freak, but be careful (as we should all be anyway). Does he know where you live?

        Cut all ties, do not respond to him if he contacts you in any way, and for at least the time being (though it's wise to do it always anyway), be sure to let someone you trust know when you're going to be out and about and then check in with them even if it's just a text to say "I'm home safely". That way you've got others watching out for you a bit as well.

        As KM said, hindsight is 20/20. None of us are immune to people like that. Just consider yourself very smart to check into it, and very lucky.
        "Be what you're looking for."


        • No, he doesn't he only knows I live North end of town but does NOT know the exact area. It took 45 mintues for me to walk back to my house. I made sure he left long before I started walking. I don't trust very many people on my location. I do crazy stuff but I make sure they don't know my address. He hasn't called or texted me once after I told him that " ill be the bad guy and cut the cord before it gets anymore tangled ..."



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