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How to deal with the submissive husband you may not know you even have

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  • How to deal with the submissive husband you may not know you even have

    Have questions about a high heel fetish?

    We have more answers!

    Read our full article, “High Heel Fetish: Why Are Sky-High Shoes A Sexual Turn-On?” here:


    Is your husband a submissive in hiding and you don't even know it.

    When you think of a submissive man, chances are you think of a meek, awkward, beta male who will go to embarrassing lengths to please you. In reality almost every time this is not true. A submissive male is more likely to be a fit, confident and a successful professional (think: corporate executive, doctor, or attorney even a police officer ) typically a macho type male outside of the home. It would really surprise you to meet some of the men I have.

    Since many submissive men have high-powered jobs that require them to always be in control, they want nothing more than to relinquish that responsibility in their off-hours. So often these men are afraid to reveal this to the spouse due to fear or rejection. As a resource and outlet to this craving they have they often visit paid Mistress's (called dommes) who can dish out what they so need. pro-dommes are well-paid, Many married and single men spend millions per year on this type of service. They Mistress's often provide , Foot worship , trampling , punishment , humiliation spankings, strapon play. High heel play and worship,

    Clues your man may be submissive

    1. Is he turned on by female power?.

    He may talk a lot about "high-powered females" and get excited simply speaking about female politicians or business leaders. When asking what a woman does at work, does he follow up by saying things like so you run the show ?

    he loves having you make all the decisions about dates and vacations? Does he kiss your feet ? Most submissive men may not even like feet but they feel a need to worship the feet of a women as a sign of submission. Kissing the feet of a women is a clear indicator that he sees you as his goddess. the main source of power in his life.

    When another female complains about the service at a restaurant or asserts herself in public is he overly impressed by her behavior?
    Does he agree with a female friend of yours is who is griping and complaining about her man?

    2. He bows down to high heels.
    A non submissive guy may ask"Do you work out? " while a sub will inquire, "Do you do your own pedicures?"
    Is he a huge fan of high-heeled shoes with a pronounced dislike for flats or comfort shoes? Does he go crazy for glossy heels ? Those glossy heels can send subs into a massive frenzy. To him, they're showing female power and dominance! The drive his mind into a state of submission like you would never believe. He sees your power and will give you lots of attention when you are wearing them sometimes this attention could even be mad or pretending to have a dislike for them. However he is talking about them? He may also have fantasies of being forced by you to even wear high heels himself. Yes this is very common and often has nothing to do with his sexuality at all. Doing something like this makes him feel submissive and being forced to do so makes him feel like he has surrendered to a females power and authority. And actually we all know a man or teen who has tried on some shoes right in front of us ! call it curiosity if you want. A submissive man will love your feet even though he may claim not to. Some submissive men struggle to admit to a wife is he submissive. He'll typically notice and compliment her toes and will look forward to giving foot rubs even though he may complain about it . Submissive men do not always love feet, however worshiping your feet is his way of feeling submissive to you. He will also feel that worshiping your feet with kissing and massage that it is a way of showing his love and adoration for you. Pampering your feet makes him feel you are above him. This is how he needs to feel to be on top of the world outside of the home. All men submissive or not like our shoes and heels and they all notice them. See my other posts where I go more in depth on that subject.

    3 His appearance
    Has he Shaved his body, chest, legs, and pubic area. AKA a man-scape ? Unless he's a competitive swimmer, this is a sign of a sub. Does he feel dressing in nice suits can benefit him in anyway ? Does he wear polished shoes and other fancy clothes ? Does he feel the clothes make the man? Compliment other people's dress habits. Although some submissive men do not posses these particular traits many of them do. Has he ever worn any of your clothes ? A skirt your panties ? This is also very common and more often happens with out the spouse ever knowing. In fact many powerful business men will sometimes wear stockings and a garter belt or pantyhose under a suit to a big meeting or to close a deal. It gives them some sort of security and somehow keeps them on their toes by putting their mind in a state of awareness. They claim it helps them focus on the task at hand. So just because your man runs around in ripped jeans and is kind of laid back , will not mean he is not submissive by any means. These are just clues. 8 out of 10 submissive men are scared or even ashamed to admit to the wife that they get off by being submissive .

    Many women are now aspiring to dominate their men and same-sex couples enjoy power exchange, too. That’s why fem-dom is so popular, and why large cities have massive dominatrix industries!

    Whether you need to take control in the bedroom because you’re not quite at the top of the food chain at work or you simply prefer to retain control in as many aspects of your life as possible, you’re sure to find these fem-dom ideas thrilling. Many women who have started dominating the man at home have become more successful themselves as this is giving them an outlet as well. Dominating your submissive man will help your him be successful and more powerful out side of your home. A submissive man is not a weak man by any means in fact a submissive man who will wear panties and heels for his wife will often never back down to anyone in the outside world. His submission to his wife helps him build the power and energy he needs to do his daily routine.

    You’ll enjoy this list of femdom ideas if you feel a strong pull toward dominating your partner, you can still get pleasure from these role playing scenarios if you’re playing the role just because your partner desires domination. As long as he feels your dominating role is genuine and your not just going through the motions He will seek to please you in the bed and in every other aspect of your life. Submissive men are some of the most faithful and thoughtful men.

    Dominant men are in my opinion are often pompous self centered and greedy and think a women could never be a dominant. Most of them often cheat because there kick is the trill of the hunt when it comes to a women. Many women have a desire to feel submissive themselves and have created a happy medium. Submissive men usually have the ability to switch out and play the role of the dominant male for you since most submissive men are in dominant roles all day long anyhow.

    Foot Worship Is there anything more subservient than an adoring partner kissing or licking your shoes? No! Weather a sub likes your shoes or not He would get so excited if you force him to lick and kiss your shoes! This is especially true if you’re wearing a pair of sexy knee or thigh-high boots, and his hands can travel up your leg. High heels black glossy boots would have the same effect on a submissive as an ED pill. The bonus for you is its literally putting your foot down in this relationship! and he will live to please you.

    Sissy Play – Some guys secretly love dressing up in frilly panties and stockings, garter belts and other woman’s clothing. And others do not like it. Either way, you can leverage the “sissifi-cation” of your submissive to your advantage by rewarding him with something pretty or punishing him with it!. Make sure to remind him of how pretty, girly or even weak he is. If you’r are aiming for punishment, Which is what most submissive men seek , you can spin those comments in a different way, And paddle him for the naughtiness of what he is doing or wearing.

    You can even end arguments with this ! order him into a pair of pink panties and heels and give him a good old fashioned paddling as you tell him he was wrong and ask him if he understands?. He is hopping for this and can be a lot of fun for you. The front section of one of your sandals makes for an excellent paddle to use on him. Its low on noise but can provide just the right amount of sting on his bottom.

    Surprise him with a gift box one evening . Inside the box is a pair of pink 4 inch glossy pumps and matching pair of panties! And a note that says put these on my darling servant and get ready to serve me. Once he is ready you can have him worship your heels and feet while you just sit back relaxing reading your favorite magazine. Stop every now and then to tell him what a good job he is doing or let him know he may have missed a spot. This would be a good time to remind him of the things you need him to accomplish like cleaning out the garage ! afterwards paddle him for loving to wear such items He craves your punishment and rewards . Also keep in mind he sees this as a reward from you so always make sure he thanks you for it.

    Depending on his financial situation do not be surprised if he thanks you with a set of keys to a new car ! Or loads of smaller gifts in return .

    Impact Play – Whether you prefer good, old-fashioned spanking with your hand, grabbing a cane or long-tailed flogger for serious sensation or a soft paddle that provides more bark than sting , impact play is definitely something you’ll need to try at least once. Sandals make really good paddles ! However any good mistress has a good paddle !

    Something that everyone should try in the bedroom at least once, and there are plenty of options when it comes to tying up your own lover. You can bind his wrists or ankles together with hand cuffs or use other methods to bind all four together .Other bondage devices include gags, which prevent him from speaking, blindfolds, ankle spreads that force his legs open etc .

    Role playing ideas :

    Student and Teacher:
    As a the teacher, you can dress the part or just a little sexy and now punish your “student” who might be late for class, interrupt your lesson or simply talk back! You can switch up the roles by playing a sexy librarian, which provides you plenty of opportunity to dress sexy enough to make your man drool especially if he’s not allowed to touch you You can settle arguments with this method by having him sit in a chair in his heels and write down 25 times , Mistress is correct and I was wrong . I am sorry and repeat !

    Increase the kink factor by completing it with costumes! You could have plenty of fun shopping for your own costumes as well !

    Boss and Secretary This another tried and true power exchange role playing methods. This is also one of a submissive biggest fantasies ! As his boss, you have all the power he is your secretary. You are dressed business like. Your sitting at your desk or table shopping on your laptop and you call to him. Ask him to bring you a coffee or tea. Have him sit in a chair as you tell him you need him to take notes.

    The notes he writes down can be his honey to do list! Gifts your interested in receiving Ex. Have him write down sissy secretary is to clean the garage tomorrow. ! After few minutes of that. You can say I know this may be a little in appropriate at work but my shoes need kissing and cleaning looking at him and say would you mind ? As you point under your desk You can always take this kink further as you could be secretly wearing a strap on and after a good ten minutes of worship to your feet and shoes you lean back in your chair and hike up your skirt or un-do your pants to reveal your strap on and say , Its been a rough day I sure could use a good bj. If this becomes part of the play be sure to coach him and compliment him on how he is doing. Encouraging him as to what a good secretary he is . Your hands on his head pushing him. Does this mean he wants to be with men. Absolutely not , Doing that with you will be humbling to him the most feminine act he can perform for you and will give him a feeling of being totally owned and controlled by you , He will get shame and humiliation from it and that is also part of what really excites him. Most submissive husbands will find the thought of being with a man repulsive. He getting off on the power of a female and his devotion to her.

    A submissive husband can be the most rewarding caring loving man you could ever want. He has the ability and desire to please you. He most often will sacrifice everything to to please you when you are making his fantasies come true. If more women realized this and would put forth the effort to do this very sort of thing, Escorts and Dominia's would be making much less money. Some of those Ladies charge up to 400.00 for 1 hour of playtime. You may not believe that your husband could have these desires but he has them ! You might think No- no-way this sort of stuff goes on. I promise you dear it does! Search for a dominant mistress on the internet or walk into a local lingerie toy store and take a look around there is one of these stores on every street corner of almost every town with even a small population.

    Some of the happiest wives whom you may never expect, as they may be meek reserved and proper women , become some of the wickedest most dominating goddess's behind closed doors. I myself was very vanilla in bed in a long marriage. When I discovered my husband was a submissive and I learned how to handle it. My life changed and we now had a spark and spice and life seems to be so much better . He is devoted to pleasing me and he is much happier himself !

    Sometimes I have him wear heels and worship mine before bed for a while while I just relax with a magazine. I always make sure he thanks me for this and we turn in for the night. I even have a pair for him that has actual locks on the ankle straps sometimes as a treat I make him wear these until morning. I just hide the key until morning if he wants out of them, I just say oh no honey you liked my heels so much now your stuck in them for a while. And on other times we take it much further. I myself have always had a shoe fetish. Which I am pretty sure helped caused my husband to have one.
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  • ShoeQueen will you please call my wife ? please please pretty please ! i been dying for her to realize this stuff ! and your right we men are ashamed to admit it to the wife


    • ShoeHeelsQueen
      are you a book author?


      • ShoeHeelsQueen
        just curious as only an author would take this much time for such lengthy posts on one topic


        • Cool post! You're very creative ShoeHeelsQueen. I am loving your posts, I have to say.



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