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    Hey All
    What a man wants from Woman And what woman wants from Man
    i have seen people struggle with their Relationship
    No one is perfect if you are very good in Sex its doesn't mean that you are too good at relationship
    If you are good in relationship it doesn't mean that you are too good in Sex
    You have to compromise every single minute in your live . if you cooked well doesn't mean you can make good tea or coffee.
    we are not perfect that's it
    So for me Relationship is the name of Sacrifice

  • As someone who has had really awful relationships, relationships that started well and ended badly, and a (current) solid relationship that is fulfilling and wonderful, I disagree a bit with the idea that you compromise every single minute of your life - at least in a relationship. In places where two people are compatible and in agreement, compromise might not be required at all. There may need to be a compromise between what you mutually want in your relationship and what you can achieve together but that's the way of life for all of us.

    If a relationship requires 100% sacrifice, I don't know that it can survive or be healthy long term. I've found in my best relationships (especially my current one) that as long as we're both having our needs fulfilled more often than not, it's easier to make sacrifices or compromises when the situation demands it. And sacrifices in the name of a partner's happiness isn't necessarily a hard/rough/difficult thing if the relationship is otherwise healthy and fulfilling. At least, that's been my experience.


    • Kayla Lords Very well said madam agree with max point but in the end every single person have his or her on life he or she behaved differently to the situation the way you wrote you have different eyes to see the world but everyone isnt like you there people who wants attention in any cost there are people who want Hold who want rule who wants to do orders
      in that case the person feel the fire and then he or she start compromising and sacrifices


      • Relationships and sex shouldn't be a struggle. Obviously nothing is perfect but struggling suggests not coping with difficulties. Sex should certainly not be a struggle because it's simply a form of physical communication. The emotional stuff is much more difficult but there's a difference in supporting someone through a difficult time and simply being unhappy.



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