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Broken penis???

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  • Broken penis???

    Ok it is apparent that my husband is a total jerk when it comes to sex; therefore, i am just asking for my own relief.

    my husband is really iffy about letting me be on top during sex because he is afraid his penis might break and he does not let me try anything funny and is constantly telling me to be careful.

    has the case of broken penis ever happend to you guys and does your partner make you be super careful too?
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  • You can do a search on this. Yes, it can be 'broken'. This is very rare, if it weren't there would be a whole lot more suffering men in the world


    • Well you can hurt him if you are on top and come down too hard on his penis, but this is usually only a problem if he isn't completely erect. (and rare even then)

      To be careful, be sure he is fully erect. Don't take such long strokes that his penis almost leaves you if you are also moving quickly.

      Of course he can hurt you if he is on top and is too rough, so the situation isn't very different.

      I think the only real issue is to be a bit careful if you go all "porn-star" on him and bounce up and down like a maniac.

      In general though there woman on top works great! (for both). I like it a lot. While we don't have sex often, this is one of the more common positions for us. She's never hurt me. A lot of women really like it because it lets them control the speed and depth. A lot of men really like it because it is a very different and intense feeling to not be in control of the motion.

      I'm sorry your husband is so useless in bed. Those of us who's partners aren't nearly as passionate as you are would like to smack him upside the head.


      • Whilst I don't have the most extensive experience in the world, I have yet to find a woman that can ride me without hurting me.... or at least making it uncomfortable enough to ruin it. Different penises are different - mine for example is a certain angle, and if it is bent when erect, it is bad.

        So yes, I do feel like a woman could break my penis, and yes, I do make sure they're careful about it. Riding is a skill most women don't actually know from what I've seen - get the angles all wrong. Every single time a woman has climbed aboard, I have always had to shift around to actually make the position workable.

        Also, if you think he's a total jerk regarding sex, how come you're still his wife?


        • My boyfriend has a big fear about this. To the point of being irrational.
          You were a virgin before marriage, right? For me, my boyfriend is partner #2, and #1 wasn't helpful. Nobody ever "taught" me how to ride ... granted, that gives us the advantage of not having bad habits, but it doesn't help that much if we actually want to do it ... and with all the talk about how great "being on top" is for clit stimulation, who wouldn't?
          If your hubby ever stops being a jerk, or you find a new partner who isn't one, the best thing I can suggest to you is to take it slow and have them teach you what's best for you. That's what I'm going to do when mine gets back from the sandbox.
          Good luck
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          • I've bent my boyfriends penis being reckless when on top and I felt so horrible. It didn't break but it almost killed the mood. He was full erect I was just hopping up and down and bouncing it on it like a hobby horse and "missed" on a downstroke and ouch. Now when I am on top I stay close to his body and keep him all the way in, just grinding back and forth and around rather than the up and down motion because I am terrified of hurting him again.
            Scars remind us of where we've been...they don't have to dictate where we're going.


            • hi elsa...unfortunately most women probably have hurt their significant others unintentionally.

              question....what is up with your hubby? he doesn't sound fun at all.
              im sorry dear. has he been with anyone else other than you? and if so. how is the history of it. i mean, did he just date random women or was he in relationships? because IMO that says a lot. has he always been like this? or is it just recently?

              it is sad when you can't be sexually pleased in a relationship. i know sex isn't suppose to be everything and it shouldn't be. however i do believe that if you can be fun and exciting in bed you can have a fun and exciting time outside the bedroom ...vice versa!


              • Lol hes silly, broken penis theres no bone how would you brake it he needs sex education.


                • Actually Mrs B if you do some research you will find that in fact it can and does happen, but it is rare.


                  • Wild child is right, you can brake them, have seen it happen a friend taped himself having sex with a girl and at the end of it it broke nothing left to say its the only time i have ever seen or known of it to happen but they can. He maybe needs reassurance that this isn't going to happen it obviously bothers him, maybe you guys can do some research or something together let him know that if it bothers him or if he is worried you can help by looking at ways and means around how to go around this until it builds his confidence i have no other idea than that.


                    • They actually say it occurs around 1000 times a year, but that's World Wide and that's what is known, so that percentage is very, very, very small.

                      It's tearing of the ligament, whilst erect which hurts as much as a broken bone, hence the name.

                      It also results in surgery for correction, apparently they used to suggest ice, but established that that could make a guy impotent so now they repair the ligament.

                      But, his fear is still something he has to jump over, and you need to ensure that you stay on top without coming off and are at the right angle.

                      I suggest you both read up on it and then experiment to rid him of his fear and to enjoy your sexual lives together..

                      As others have pointed out, often people have hurt their s/o accidently... BUT it hasn't stopped the world from having sex, in all positions....

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