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Hey Ladies, Help Me Do Something Special For My Husband Birthday!

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  • Hey Ladies, Help Me Do Something Special For My Husband Birthday!

    I want to make my husband's next birthday a very special one! He works very hard to support me and our child. So he deserves a day just for him! Some things I already have planned is my mom is going to watch our child so it will just be me and him! I also bought some lingerie for him! I've never really been much for extravagant or showy lingerie but I want to do it because I know he will love it!! I have a few ideas for gifts based on what I know he likes but I want to try and think of something unique and surprising too! Share your ideas and stories and let's show some love to our men!!

  • A male perspective...

    A day without any interruptions where you can focus on each other...

    The child at your mom's and lingerie are a good start.

    Add a nice simple meal that he enjoys that you can cook well and doesn't take hours to prepare.

    Then after dinner, sit him down on the couch, look him straight in the eye, even hold his face if you want, and tell him how much you love him and how much he means to you and your child.

    Most men are pretty simple and straight forward when it comes to being appreciated. We like simple things and hearing from the woman we love what we mean to them and our family.


    • my husband's birthday is also coming up soon and plus our anniversary. i am going to bake him a cake, cook one of his favorite meals, and get him a gift.



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