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Just curious with regards to weddings

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  • Just curious with regards to weddings

    I was told that when a couple gets married, the girl's family is the one that's suppose to be responsible for the expenses.

    Is that true?

    If it is, what's the guy's responsibility?

  • When women were property and it was considered that the man was taking ownership of her (therefor doing the family a favor), yes, the bride's family paid. However, and this is my personal view, this idea is a bit out-dated. My husband and I paid for our own wedding.


    • It's an old custom that is derived from the tradition of dowries, but is really no longer applicable in today's day and age.

      Two people who feel 'grown up' enough to take on the responsibilty of marriage, should not expect anyone else to pay for their wedding. Like rosekitten, my fiance and I are paying for our wedding ourselves.


      • For me it depends. I really don't think one should expect one side versus another to pay fully for an entire wedding. But I for one, won't be saying no to any help my parents will offer.

        Both my brothers got married, and my parents and my sister-in-laws parents both gave equal amounts. For my oldest brothers wedding, him and his wife also paid some money too. For my other brothers wedding, they went cheaper and didn't pay anything on their own.


        • Oh, sure Goosey. I don't think we're suggesting that one should turn down help if it's offered. The OP asked if the woman's parents were "supposed" to pay. And, quite frankly in this day and age, it's a bit outdated to expect you parents to pay for your wedding.


          • Oh of course --- I agree that the supposed to pay, is a touch out dated.

            I do still know many people's parents who still do want to pay for it all.


            • Me and my ex paid for our wedding completely. And this time my hubby and I paid for the marriage license, we weren't planning on having a real wedding. But his mom bought my outfit, and surprised us with food and a cake. It was sweet!


              • Emerald, look at it this way, The Father gives the daughter away and with his blessing he gives his princess as much as he can, to make that wedding perfect, his gift to her, hense really I think this old fashioned thing came about.

                The groom to be? Geez, he just has to be there and except

                Although he usually I believe at least pays for his own suits, car hire.

                It is old fashioned but in a nice way... I think really the tradition changed mainly because no one really has that type of money anymore $10 - $20k which it costs to have a wedding ,gone are the days where parents can save from a baby until she gets married which is a fair call, we live in a different world.
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