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Resources for family members of people in abusive/controlling relationships?

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  • Resources for family members of people in abusive/controlling relationships?

    Hi I was just wondering if anybody knows some good resources for family members of people in abusive relationships?

    My sister has been in an abusive marriage for a decade, and it has been extremely hard not only on her but the whole family. In August she finally filed for a divorce (complete with restraining order) but called me last night to let me know that she's giving him another chance. I want to be as supportive as possible, I don't want to allow him to further isolate her, but it is really really hard to watch someone you love so much go through all this, and go BACK to it after getting away.


  • These are basically your resources in your community: police, counselors, therapists, advocates, medical professionals. In your local area, find an advocacy group and they will surely direct you to the right place. Find yourself and your loved ones (not necessarily the same professional) a counselor who can help you go through your trauma.

    Look up "domestic violence awareness handbook" on the internet and it shall show you links to these resources. I cannot post outbound links here. You can also go to the book store/amazon, and browse through all those self-help book available - that's what I' do actually.

    Also look up "standford: controlling and abusive relationships". It will give you hotlines to call. Another resource you can look up is the "center for relationship abuse awareness".

    The internet is your "resource" basically. Start the search engine, since outbound linking is not allowed in this forum. All the best for you, sweetie.
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    • Thank you for that Catepillar. I have been spending a lot of time on google, I was just wondering if anybody had some input on resources they've used and can recommend - sometimes it is overwhelming to wade through everything that comes up. I was hoping for the abuse equivalent of al-anon i suppose. My problem is also that I am overseas - I live in Africa and my sister lives in Wisconsin, my contact with her is limited so I really want to make sure I do things right...


      • Hi Stella, I've sent you a link to one in that area via a PM.

        Links are not allowed on this Forum unless they are a link from WH, or photobucket providing no one is naked

        You know though, abusive relationships? They bring you down whereby you feel you are no-one, no-one will every love you. You feel you have to try again, or else you will be on your own for the rest of your life, that's the control they have over the abused.

        The best thing she can do, is to see a councellor, or Doctor to recommend her to someone to re-gain her self esteme, then and in my opinion, only then, will she be able to walk.

        What about you?

        Obviously this is hurting you immensely or you wouldn't be here, where do you go to let go of the pain that you are sharing with her?



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