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My Husband left, what are my rights??

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  • My Husband left, what are my rights??

    Ive recently discovered an abnormality like an enlarged fleshy pink growth on the right side of my vagina. It's on the hymen I think. Or at least the vulva region. Compared to the otherside it's abnormal. The rest of my vagina is healthy and normal. The fleshy slightly textured growth is like tissue. It's a bit sensitive. It's visibility fluctuates.. Sometimes it's barely visible inside me. It's barely half an inch long. Has never been there before.

    Not on BC, 22yrs old. Don't have health insurance. :-(

    Please help.... I'm soo worried :-( :-(

  • I would definitely go see a doctor, any growth on/in the virgina is cause for concern in my eyes.
    Hopefully it is nothing to worry about, but its best to know for sure.


    • Is it on your hymen or is it just your hymen itself?

      Try going to a government health clinic in your county, or to a Planned Parenthood clinic. This definitely needs resolution.
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      • Are you sure this is not just a simple skin tag that has decided to grow in that area? A fleshy texture, no pain, no real sensitivity kinda sounds like a skin tag.
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        • Its actually on the right side. The 'lip' if you will. Its interesting you should bring up skin tags because I did some research and found pictures of skin tags on the hymen. It looked really similar to what I have.

          **Its fleshy, lightly sensitive to touch
          **There's no obvious discharge.

          **Its slighly bumpy but soft in texture. But similar to how the vaginal walls are you know?
          ** Sometimes it has little tiny white dots. I painlessly took one off and it bled a tiny bit. :-(

          I know I don't have STDS because partners I have been with before were virgins and the one I am with now has been tested for STDS.

          My period is in like 3 days. I heard skin tags can grow larger when your period is due.

          I've had all sorts of weird hormonal changes since before my last period (which was quite mild and short) I use to get painful lumpy fibroids in my breasts but since last month I don't have that. My nipples are sore and breasts have grown. But no painful lumps still! Weird for that to go away.

          Please I appreciate this finally getting some attention. I'd really appreciate anymore advice. Thank you.


          • The main problems come from when someone begins to hurt ,oozes pus, or becomes inflamed and red. If it does not hurt or cause discomfort they are really not much of an issue, more of an esthetic "problem" for people. Skin tags are very normal and we have no control over where they pop up but you can go to the doctors and they can remove them. By remove I mean they simply freeze it and it will fall off, or if they are very large they can cut them out after using some local anesthetic so you do not feel anything.
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            • My Husband left, what are my rights??

              My husband left my 2 year old son and I a month ago to live in another state. He is now in VA and my son and I are in NC. He has made uncountable threats and I've gotten a temporary restraining order. He refuses to talk to our son and won't speak to me civilly. He left with the car and ALL of our money and my lease is up next month and i absolutely cannot afford to renew my lease. The only place I have to go is to rent a room from a good friend of mine who is a male. Will I get in trouble for moving in to his house and rent the extra room?


              • Are you and your husband in the process of divorce? Are you formally separated? Contact your county Department of Social Services for emergency assistance.
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