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love him but why cant i get turned on??? NEED ADVISE:(

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  • love him but why cant i get turned on??? NEED ADVISE:(

    im so confuse im in love my fiance but im having problem of getting turn on.. in the begining of the relationship I waz always on the mood of doing our thing nd in the middle of the relationship i waz the same to but now i just cant get turn on nd im getting really mad because when i look at him i imagine doing sexy things with him nd going crazy with him but for some reason when we try to i get turned of and he does everything right im just confuse why im not getting turned on no more....... PLEAZ I NEED ADVICE

  • If you two have not had sex in a while.. Regardless of your fantasies with him, the fact that you let things lapse, makes you feel "fear" what you were like is gone, you fear being you.

    Give it a go, just remember the past, suck it up and do it.. Once you get the cycle going again, you won't fear it and be back to where you were.


    • Try doing non sexual but sensual stuff. Massage, touching and exploring each other's body where the goal is not to ellicit a sexual response, but to love each other's body and enjoy touching and being touched. Go back to dating. Spend a whole evening making out on the couch and make a deal that you will not have intercourse. The idea is to tease yourself but also to connect on a sensual level.

      Try fantasizing. Close your eyes and image you are on a tropical breeze and the person touching you is a sexy cabana boy you just picked up.
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      • Cherry, I know where you are coming from. I just can't seem to get as "revved" as I used to with my fiance, but I honestly think it has a lot to do with stress and planning the wedding. It's a HUGE responsibility to plan a wedding and takes a lot of hard work. Have you been experiencing stress lately?? That seems to be my main culprit with me when I don't feel in the mood. I also don't feel as attractive as I used to be (feel like I felt into a slump or frumpy stage- even though I know I'm not. I just need a change)...so that makes it hard for me to feel as comfortable as I used to. Anything else going on in your life that may have nothing to do with your fiance?



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