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Fiance Becoming Work Obsessed!

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  • Fiance Becoming Work Obsessed!

    Okay, needing to vent a little.
    My fiance has been trying so hard the best couple months to get me a job at his father's company. It's working. I've been there on and off. Not much of a fan. It's usually physical work. I am 5 ft and 92 lb....I don't do well with that kind of work. So they are thinking about office type work, so I'm like whatever... Anything to get my father off my back.
    Now this is all he constantly talks and thinks about: work! I ask if we can talk about wedding stuff..He always says later, but it never happens. It's been like this for almost a week now.... He's too busy to hold me and kiss me as much as usual. He still does, just not as much. I feel ignored and when I bring it up and gives me this speech about how he's coming up with plans to help me. All that.
    I understand the need for money and work if we want to move out together, but I feel like I need attention. PHYSICAL attention. Not just sex either.
    Yesterday after he got off work he came over and we were both laying in my bed. I felt like ********! Period & PMS & Cramps. I was really emotional and started crying and I could tell he got irritated. I kept telling him all I wanted was him to hold me. And he says he does hold me. But I told him when I'm upset and crying I want him to hold me and comfort me. And I told him not to make me beg for it. Because the last couple days I really had to beg for it. Had a not so pretty scene in the Walmart parking lot of me bawling my eyes out, quite loudly. He was ****ed off. Couldn't remember why. All I kept saying was I wanted him to hold me and he said I have to make him want to hold me. And I cried and beg. It was awful...Don't even know what that was over. I was upset all that day because he barely talked or looked at me and I asked him so stop being distant and all he'd say is he was coming up with plans for us. Trying to help me out in my situation, which I appreciate dearly, but I want attention!
    So anyway, yesterday laying in my bed, can't remember if this was before the major break down or after. I cried twice so idk. But I gave him the most amazing blow job ever. He was so into and so was I. And that made me extremely happy that we were being physical. But he didn't return the favor. I didn't expect him to go down on me since I was on my period.....(not that it matter cuz we have sex during this too) but he barely did anything. He'd touch me through my pants for like 5 seconds and stop. I had to grab his hand and do the movements myself, not that that helped.
    I didn't expect him to get naughty with me, all I really want was for him to embrace me, which he did a little bit. But he kept falling asleep saying he was sooo tired from work. I understand that but I still wanted kisses. All he's talked about today is work work work. He knows I'm not too excited about it but I don't think he truly knows that I feel kind of ignored, since what he is doing is to help me. I'm grateful for it! But I just want full attention. Not attention on work for me. JUST me.
    Maybe I am overreacting...I don't know. Just felt the need to vent. Thanks ladies!
    "Hurt myself again today and the worst part is there's no one else to blame."

  • I don't think you can fault him if he really is tired from work. If he held you and fell asleep from exhaustion, then he is trying.


    • Working hard can take a lot out of a person, physically and/or mentally. It has him in the typical male single problem focus mode. Not being able to quickly find a solution to your physical and emotional needs probably got him upset. That is probably the reason why he didn't make as much effort as you wanted. Talk it out with him and let him know what he has to do to make you somewhat satisfied.
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      • Needing to vent a bit more....
        I HATE working for his dad's company!! I love him and his family but this is not my cup of tea. The business is located in an idustrialized area. It's in a warehouse, all day I'm with nasty men with have no manners. They are rude and disgusting. I get that this is kind of a man's place, but I wish people would have a little respect around me!
        Another thing, it's DIRTY. It's so disgusting. The chair I sit on has nasty dark stains and it's all matted feeling and it makes me want to cry. I struggle so bad. I need the money though... My fiance is so glad I am helping him out, but it stresses me out beyond belief! I wouldn't mind it so bad if I was in a clean, safe enviorment. Also, it wouldn't be so bad if that wasn't all he talked about anymore.
        He is attempting to work 12 hour days and running on 3 hours of sleep each night. He's becoming sick. He isn't eating like he should. And he has pancreatitis, so he NEEDS to be careful and take care of his body. He won't listen to me. It's very upsetting.
        "Hurt myself again today and the worst part is there's no one else to blame."



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