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Wedding: Where to start?!

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  • Wedding: Where to start?!

    I do not even know how to begin planning. I've looked through dresses, cakes, venues all that. I still do not plan on getting married for another girl. Next summer or fall, but I feel I need to get going with it now because I want it to be perfect! My parents don't know I'm engaged yet, I am still young. I know my mother knew it was going to happen because my fiance showed her the ring, but I had not brought it up specifically. My father is a different story. I'm having some issues with him currently, but once those are resolved, I will tell him.
    I do not plan on having a huge wedding. Just close friends and family. I just do not even know where to begin. Any tips? Help? It would be much appreciated. Thanks!
    "Hurt myself again today and the worst part is there's no one else to blame."

  • start with basics...

    venues, DRESSES, cake, invitations, decorations (theme). Then sub-categorize. Food to serve, open bar?, colors, dress styles, hair, make-up, photographer, dj/MC, seating charts, time-line.

    Its way easier to make a list...and then think of all the things that pop up (to sub-categorize)

    So like this

    invitations: who, what, when(date, times?), where(church, outdoors), why (duh ), dress code, RSVP, Save the dates... then move to the seating chart and how the wedding will be presented. START with guest numbers first. This will help you figure out how much of everything you will need.

    then move onto other things

    dress: cut, style (sweetheart neckline with empire waist, rutching?), bridesmaids...etc...

    just keep going. The sooner you plan, the easier the day will be. There is also a lot to plan. But be choosy!! You could change your mind about cake frostings, or the DJ.

    lastly...Pinterest...get some wedding ideas off of there!

    Hope this helped.
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    • I still do not plan on getting married for another girl.
      Well I don't blame you Ash, I know, I know you mean't YEAR

      You know the day is meant to be special and for you, both of you.

      When I got married for instance, my fiance's nick name was "fish" so I had a bowl with gold fish in the middle of each table, and anyone from that table (argue/argue) could take the fish home

      I found a company that put a picture of the two of us as 3 year olds, on the cover of a chocolate bar, that's kind of cute and different.

      The rest was more of, what do we want? People to enjoy themselves.

      So we made it casual, nibbles first, 2 choice 3 course after, alcohol of course, Kareoke and it was perfect, he just wasn't ...

      Do your research. Work out your budget. Then save to reach it. Then go shopping.

      I agree with Ace, she better invite me to her wedding. You getting married babe? Sheez look at that list................

      But, honestly, it's more about making it your day go for both your hobbies, "appart from sex" and base it all around that.

      It's all about you babe.


      • First thing's first...


        What can you safely spend on a wedding without getting yourself in debt?

        This $ amount will help you set the rest of your wedding. For instance, if you have a very limited budget, that will impact when and where you have your wedding.

        For example, weddings on Fridays and Sundays are MUCH less expensive than on a Saturday. Also, weddings in the off-season (not spring and summer) are typically less expensive.

        So from that, pick your date - or at least settle on a month, then find an officiant/ceremony location and a reception location (could be the same place) and set your date based on their availability.

        Don't get caught up in all the silly little details. Think about every wedding you've ever been to... what do you remember? Do you remember what paper the invitations were printed on? Do you remember if the table linens matched the napkins? Do you remember if the groomsmens tuxes had 2 buttons or 3? Do you remember which weddings had save the dates sent before the invitations and which ones didn't?


        Then don't focus on this stuff for your own wedding. No one care. No one notices. It's not worth the hassle or the extra money (and you WILL pay extra money for these types of things).

        So again, start with your budget. Then pick a date based on where you want your ceremony and reception. Once you have that figured out, you can start focusing on the other details, like the guest list, invitations, food, etc.
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        • Set the date and find the venue, the rest all in line.
          Don't be overwhelmed, by the time it's over you will see it's not so bad.
          Good luck and congrats.


          • Whoop whoop!
            1) Dress, 2) guest list and venue, 3) Hen night!... the rest will follow.

            Then tell your dad to stop being an ****** hole, and to get ready to give his little girl away and start writing his speech.
            "The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you will ever look" [I]Julius Caesar[/I]


            • Congrats AshB$. From a male prospective- we like to be "asked" about any "major" decision; but on the whole we would much rather have our finger nails riped out one at a time over a month's time than discuss for five minutes "wedding plans". In short- expect us to be "no help" on the subtle issues.
              I know nothing about your fiance; but from what you say I would bet he is a hard working, conservative, A-type personality. He recognises the "social necessity" of the wedding; and because he loves you wants it to meet YOUR expectations; but he really would rather "side-step"as much of the planning and execution as possible. He will gladly PAY to avoid it. I was reading the things suggested and going...wow....yeah....someone has to do all that...RUN! HIDE! Make yourself happy with your wedding plans...make him happy by keeping his "involvement" in "planning" to an absolute minimum. May God bless you and grant you your "perfect" wedding day.


              • Thanks, everyone
                "Hurt myself again today and the worst part is there's no one else to blame."


                • My advice: keep it cheap and simple!

                  Your guests / friends will be happy with a low key affair in a local park. They don't care how fancy the chairs are, whether there are tablecloths, or if there are carved ice swans. The fancier the wedding the more stressed you will be and the less you (and your guests) will enjoy it.

                  Save your money and have a honeymoon that you will remember, not a wedding that you wish you could forget.



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