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Lost interest in my husband, wondering if I have interest in him at all

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  • Lost interest in my husband, wondering if I have interest in him at all

    Ive been married about 5 months now and my relationship with my husband moved pretty fast. We started off great and all. I remember my husband helping me clean up my apartment after my ex robbed me of all my valuables. My husband even replaced things that he took. My husband would cook for me when I work 12 hr shift and even drove 5 hours to see me. He was concerned about pleasing me in the bedroom and he was a gentlemen. Right after we married and i moved in, his romancing stopped. He doesnt clean up a thing until he sees that im getting ready to do it. Fe feel because he forced me to quit my job and be with him that he is the bread winner and doesnt have to do anything around the house. I try to make sure he doesnt do things but it kills me to watch him feel like im obligated to him to clean up his mess. He cooking use to be great now it sucks, he doesnt even put the time in. We use to talk all the time now all he talkedto me abouteverything. Now it small talk and bills and how unhappy he is at work. Ive lost sexual interest in him. All he does is pull on me and grab and talk dirty and it is a turn off. I havent been str8 that long but i know its not suppose to be this way. Nothing sweet and romantic comes out of his mouth. This is his def. of sweet talking me , he grabs my ****** if im laying down, and ask me " what is this" huh... that is pretty " .............ugh!!!!!!!! wtf is that....if he laid next to me he will start humping me like a dog. if i am in the kitchen he will walk by and grab and pull. What i am trying to say is he doesnt make me feel like a women, ive lost my self. I feel like a sex toy. I have talk to him about this and hes respond is well, dont worry soon it will not work and I wont be able to get it up okay..im pregnant now by this man, im happy im am having a baby but im having second thoughts about the marriage. Are all men this way, is this something i need to get use to? or maybe i made the wrong decision about my lifestyle. should i go back to women? They dont do this. i am not attracted to my husband at all anymore. I am at a high sexual peek during my pregnacy and i still will not give him any....

  • Not all men are this way. And that is WRONG of him. You need to no hesitate and sit his a.. down and have a SERIOUS talk. You don't deserve that. If you lost interest and don't see yourself being happy with him, don't keep him around. Unless he straightens up, you should go. It won't be easy but you have our support. Let him know what is and ISN'T okay with you.
    "Hurt myself again today and the worst part is there's no one else to blame."


    • Did you want to leave your job, or did your husband insist on it?

      To mirror what Ash said, what he's doing is wrong. You are his wife, you should be treated like an equal partner. You're not his plaything to be grabbed and fondles when he feels convenient.

      When did his behavior change? Did you notice it before you got married? Have you tried to talk to him, and is he receptive to you?

      For what it's worth, this is not normal, not all men treat their wives the way your husband has chosen to treat you.


      • he threaten me that if i didnt leave my job he would divorce me. he didnt have this behavior before we got married after we married it started. he would stop going to work . I would wake up he would still be laying next to me. I got ****ed and talked to him about it. At first i thought it was romantic but then i realized he was just not being responsible. We lived 5 hrs away he said things would change when we moved together. They did....he became this prevert. I have tried many times to talk to him. Today! i found videos of him having sex with other women on the computer that we share together usb. he said they were before me. But i still think he is nasty and only cares about sex....He has even went bare back on these videos. This killed me to watch, im pregant and now im confused. He says he loves me and im his wife and this was before for what what about everything else!....
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        • My goodness... this seems to be a VERY bad situation for you! It is no wonder you are not interested in your husband anymore! Who would be?

          He sounds very controlling and demeaning towards you. I think you need to SERIOUSLY consider if you can live like this, because it has only been 5 months... so try to imagine what it will be in 5 years. Not the best of situations.

          If you want to try to work it out, my suggestion is to demand you go to marriage counseling together, so that he can learn how to be a proper husband. If he won't work on your marriage, and he won't change his ways, you may want to think about getting an annulment. I'm not saying this lightly, like it is some easy decision, especially with a child on the way. But this is serious, and it needs some serious thought.



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