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Fun ideas to do with the fiance!

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  • Fun ideas to do with the fiance!

    All we really do is lie around. In my bed or in his jeep haha. This city is pretty lame. We see a movie every once in a while. And go out to eat. What's some some ideas that don't involve money (or are very cheap) that we can do together.
    One day we went down to Riverfront Park and looked at the falls. Ate at the Olive Garden. It was great. I just need to figure more stuff out to do to keep the stress levels done.
    Any ideas?
    "Hurt myself again today and the worst part is there's no one else to blame."

  • I was only through the Spokane area once and that was in August. I thought that the ripening fields of grain were beautiful, the same as described in "The Desert of Wheat" by Zane Grey. Maybe a trip camping in northern Idaho or a trip to the Columbia River. Take food with you to cook. If camping, set up camp right so as to not attract bears.
    I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience.
    Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?

    From a speech by Patrick Henry on March 23, 1775 at St. John's Church, Richmond, Virginia


    • You can Try

      Carr's One of a Kind in the World Museum

      5225 N Freya
      Spokane, WA 99217
      (509) 489-8859

      "Carr's One of a Kind in the World Museum" is a unique private museum featuring JFK's, Elvis', Jackie Gleason's cars, memorabilia and oriental treasures. Admission price is $8, Seniors $7, 9 years and under with parents are FREE, group of 10 or more are $7 each.

      Also there's the
      The John A. Finch Arboretum is located in southwest Spokane on 65 acres of wooded hills. The Arboretum is a botanical collection of trees and woody plants that have been labeled for field study. The collection has been planted along the Garden Springs Creek and contains a wide variety of native and cultivated plant aerial compatible with growing conditions in Spokane.

      Visitors to the Arboretum can enjoy the varied landscapes which range from a native pine forest to a shady glen filled with rhododendrons. There are seasonal activities planned year-round and tours are available.

      Arboretum grounds are open daily during standard park hours. Admission is free. For additional information please call the Arboretum at 509.624.4832.


      • Do you enjoy outdoor activities? I've heard Washington has tons of hiking and biking trails... hit up a state or national park!

        I'm sure there's lot of ideas out there. check out at a local chamber of commerce, tourism center, or online and look for things to do that are on the cheap! Usually these places have information for people specifically looking for entertainment on a budget!

        I would seriously check out the parks though.. I've heard it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


        • Yesterday we kind of went hiking. It was more going under /climbing over, scaling narrow edges along the river haha. It was great for both of us.
          "Hurt myself again today and the worst part is there's no one else to blame."


          • If you two liked doing that, then you should find more trails to go hike, climb, and explore!

            Great exercise, fresh air, and best of allllll - the sights sounds smells.. the whole experience... ITS $$FREEEEEE$$!


            • Have you ever thought of volunteering somewhere together? An animal shelter, a soup kitchen or a library perhaps? It feels great to give back to others less fortunate, and it brings you closer with your partner.
              just breathe . . .


              • I was just going to say...Keep it inexpensive!. Those are the best "dates" ever. Buy some sidewalk chalk, draw pictures for eachother at a park, sit by a fountain and read to eachother...pack a picnic and relax.

                My man and I always go on adventure walks together. I will blindfold him, put up a map, spin him around, and he puts a pin in the map somewhere...and off we go. Its been a great adventure, and we've made some lasting memories that way. BUT...pack the appropriate things...poision ivy ruins all fun. lol
                The children almost broken by the world become the adults most likely to change it


                • Don't mean to be hijacking all the threads or anything, but when my ex and i lived in this really boring little village we found a quiet little field, picked out a tree and had a picnic under it. We tried to have sex but this massive fluffy dog appeared from nowhere and peed up our tree!

                  We also used to drive to the lakeside and kiss on the bridge under the street lamp and walk around, talking. It's more fun than it sounds.. Once we also played a game where we'd each have a sheet of paper and write a sentence on it (for example, 'she kissed him and unbuttoned his jeans...'), then fold it over and swap papers. We wrote an entire porn-like script really, then read/acted it out when we were done. It really mixes things up!

                  Also, you know that scene from 40 days and nights, where he blindfolds her and 'pleasures' her with a rose petal, never letting his skin touch hers? Well, we used to do that a lot, finding different objects to do it with.

                  Hope one or two at least helps


                  • All good ideas!! Thank you
                    "Hurt myself again today and the worst part is there's no one else to blame."



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