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Men and fathering or lack of

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  • Men and fathering or lack of

    I have always given him the upmost respect as a father. When I met him he was amazing with my daughter and took her under his wing instantly and did so many quality things that her father never did. He also had a daughter which lived 3 hours away, he would drive every two weeks after work and get her and take her back and was very tentative and loving with her. When her mother started keeping her from him, he called the mother every day begging to see his daughter. We have a son who is 4 and he is a good Dad. Lately we have not been speaking to one another and he does not speak to our son too much. This morning my son kept was trying to tell him bye (as I was leaving with our son) and his dad just went in the bathroom and I knocked on the door and said "he wants to say by to you", but he did not answer the door. I am at work now and doing everying to hold back the tears from the hurt on my sons face. WHY? He cannot take out his anger on me on our son. He comes and goes so easily without saying a word to our son. I did text him about it and explained our sons hurt. I just hope he makes it up to our son. I am starting to lose respect for him as a father and that was the one thing I believed in from him.

  • Are you married or just living together?

    Why aren't you speaking to each other?

    What else is going on in your lives together? His life concerning his daughter? His ex?

    There are huge gaps in the story as presented above and it seems to skip around some too.

    Let's focus on one or two points/topics at a time in order for you to receive the best advice possible...

    So start with the one thing that is currently bothering you the most...give us the facts and some details and let's go from there... Okay?


    • Hi Torn,

      So has anything been resolved from when you posted this?

      I gather that he still can't see his daughter and he's feeling depressed, hurt and yes, it appears therefore, he's ignoring "any child", maybe he feels that you could take him away from him just like she did with his daughter and has closed up?

      Love to hear a bit more about it and help as we do



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        amy40 I'm curious how you can tell they're lying and know this with any degree of certainty?...

        08-03-2020, 01:37 PM By atskitty2
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        I don't tend to lie as such: but I will tactfully tell the truth/bend the truth, so as to not hurt the other person's feelings. Sometimes you HAVE to...

        08-03-2020, 09:05 AM By Popcorn&Candy
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        I'm an open book person & feel compelled to "confess" things to husband like if I think some man I saw is good-looking, lol


        08-02-2020, 10:23 AM By amy40
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