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Am I over reacting?

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  • Am I over reacting?

    A few days ago I posted that my husband and my best friend recently started texting. So far there hasn't been any for real flirting, but it just confuses me on why she would just start randomly texting him?.. Deep down (Because of her track record) it truely bothers me. When we were teenagers she had slept with a old boyfriend of mine behind my back and when I go into a real serious relationship towards the end she started texting him and it cause some unwanted problems which ended the relationship. I can't help but to think that maybe the relationship I have with my husband, she might be jealous of it. She is dating someone, but their relationship is filled with lies and him being jelous cause early in the relationship she had cheated on him for a long time with an old boyfriend of hers. I have talked to my husband and he told me that it bothers me that he respects my feeling and will stop talking to her. He was really sweet about the whole situation. However, she texted today and it was about me and he texted back. It didn't really bother me cause I know she was asking him about a season of a show I wanted a while back and she is wanting to buy it for me.. so that I can get over. Its just because of past experenses the whole situation feels a little uneasy. Today it has really been on my brain and he can tell it, he feels like I don't trust him. I do trust him, I just don't know if I can trust her. I love him very much and i don't want this to get in between our relationship.

    How can I get over this and stop thinking about it? Or what should I do..?

  • its a tough call. sometimes your friend becomes your husbands friend, and then its understandable that shes texting him, because she is HIS friend too. if this isnt really the case, if she is only your friend and he doesnt consider her his friend, it is a little strange. i would be uncomfortable too. but it does make you come off as untrusting, which sucks. im not sure what you can do. its good that he understands you and wants to make you comfortable...he needs to be on your team. the problem is, you would have to go to the source (your friend), and there is pretty much no way to bring this up without offending her. i think your best bet is to trust your husband (he seems trustworthy), and just hope that he tells you if she ever texts him something that crosses the line. if so, dont give her a second chance...confront her immediately and tell her you think she is being inappropriate and she is making you uncomfortable and if she values your friendship she has to stop. the question now is, would your husband tell you if she crossed the line? you should have that conversation with him...tell him you can relax and not worry so much as long as he promises to inform you if anything weird happens. then you can cross that bridge if/when you get to it...and hopefully you wont


    • I can understand your aprehension.

      Do you know why this became recent? How did she get his phone number ,what was the initial reason for the commencement of this?

      Your friend may just be one of those girls that doesn't care about anyone else, she lives for herself, what ever happens or she wants to happen will.

      However, it always takes two.

      Trust is highly important in a relationship. Your husband knows your position and hers. He is asking you to trust him, what will ruin the relationship is if you don't and then she wins anyway.

      If you trust him and you know in your heart there, then smile in the knowing you've got something great and she doesn't have him, nor will she ever have him.



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