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is my husband cheating?

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  • is my husband cheating?

    So I've been married going on four years now...I was doing some cleaning and I found a receipt on the ground where my husband bought a bottle water 2 condoms and a pack of cigarettes. He went to his reunion an it was away from us in another country. now he doesn't smoke and we don't use condoms so am confused what should I do??? could it be that he bought it for someone??? we have a little girl she'll be three in December and a baby boy he just turn five months.

  • Could be anything. Maybe a friend's recipt that fell into his things. Just ask nicely without being accusatory. That is the only way to find out.
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    • The cigarettes makes it much less worrisome. Unless he was a smoker before, its really unlikely he just decided to sneakily buy a pack. Do you know it was his receipt (eg credit card number on the bottom or something?).

      Is there any other reason to suspect him?

      Personally I wouldn't bring it up at all since the possibilities are:

      He wasn't cheating - he will deny cheating and be offended that you didn't trust him. Mistrust is very hurtful to relationships. One of the reasons I never cheated (despite having good reason) was that my wife trusted me and I wouldn't violate that trust. If she had been suspicious, that barrier would have gone away.

      He was cheating - he will deny cheating, and act offended, and be more careful next time.


      • I suggest you talk to him and make him tell you the truth i would do that in my case, and think if he would really cheat on you or not, how much do you guys trust each other?


        • He trust me because I don't go anywhere an am always a family person but I don't trust him at all because he's always flirting with girls on facebook an anytime we argue he claims "that's why I will get horn" I confornted him an he said it was his friend receipt. I don't know what to believe



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