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Weekend getaway

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  • Weekend getaway

    Wife wants a romantic getaway for our 30th anny, no problem, I enjoy them myself. But she wants to stay in an old creaky B&B this time.
    She admits she wants to have lots of sex too, great, so do I. Problem is it takes me awhile to get off, longer as I get older, sometimes 15-20-30 minutes, and a lot of that is some pretty serious pounding to reach climax, even after a lot of foreplay.
    Not sure how I'll feel knowing the racket we'll be making. It's been tough enough in regular Hotels, but an old B&B? She can hold her moans in, but the physical part is what it is.

    I'm sure the owners have heard their share, but other guests can sometimes be a problem. Last time we stayed in one the guests beside and below us glared, whispered, and made us uncomfortable at breakfast. Probably complained too but the owners never said anything to us.

    We've tried different times of day when the other guests are gone, but that gets difficult when you also want to go sightseeing, and the room has to be attended to as well.
    What should to be enjoyable spending 20-30 minutes making love turns embarrassing to us in situations like this.
    Bang bang bang, in the morning, bang bang bang again in the late afternoon or at bedtime.

    Just go with it and not let it bother us, or what?

  • If I woke up in your shoes, I would;

    A)Make a list of bullet points of all of the reasons you enjoy B&Bs, then copy/paste the text above as bullet points to consider when evaluating a B&B for your 30th anniversary.

    It's not that you, the husband, are against B&Bs, you just want to find one that is appropriate for your activities.

    B)I would contact my primary care physician to discuss any concerns you have regarding performance based or any other health issues. How long has it been since you've had a routine physical? Blood work?

    Use your 30th anniversay as a reason, excuse or motivation to get a complete physical exam. What better way to celebrate then with a clean bill of health? So make the appointment today....

    Congratulations to you and your lovely bride for reaching this milestone. May you enjoy thirty more wonderful years together!!


    • Not all B&B's are old and creaky. Perhaps compromise and search out a "nicer" perhaps more modern version of a B&B. They are out there.

      Keep in mind that some hotels also have thin walls. Lots of them actually. I know it's easier to save face when the place is bigger and you're not as easily pinpointed as "the couple getting it on all night" but I suppose you could be labeled worse.
      "Be what you're looking for."


      • Just had my yearly, everything is in working order. It just takes that final hard pounding to get there sometimes. Sorry for the graphic but not sure how else to say it.
        Looks like we'll book into an old B&B we've stayed at before, I think it was for our 15th, time fly's, and yes it was creaky then too.
        I guess the one plus is when you get into the thro's of passion you don't even think about the noise, only afterward. Who knows, we might even upstage some young couple... let them know that you're never to old for passion.


        • Have you considered renting your room in the B&B at a time when they're not full? Or is it absolutely vital that it falls ON the weekend of your 30th?

          This might sound crazy...Have you considered renting the entire B&B? It reads crazy too...

          While I appreciate your desire to be passionate with your wife, have you put the shoe on the other foot? Or worn the owner's hat? Not trying to put a damper on your enthusiasm or the celebration of your 30th. Just trying to think of it from the 'others' perspective. Would you and your wife like to be "kept awake all night" by others activities?

          Planning on staying the entire weekend? Any chance that things could get so "squeaky" that you are asked to leave early? Talk about putting a damper on things... You might want to review the rules ahead of time for the particular B&B....

          How about going all out and renting a romantic cabin and paying a cook to cook two meals a day? I've done that and it was amazing!! She still talks about it...

          Just some additional thoughts.


          • Have you told your wife exactly what your issue is with B&Bs. Maybe she has a suggestion.

            Maybe there is a place with nice cabins that would have a good old-fashioned feel, but be better isolated from each other.

            I've always preferred modern hotels because they have good sound insulation.



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