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Just crazy or crazy jealous?

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  • Just crazy or crazy jealous?

    I had learned my husband was calling,texting,an facebook messaging another woman. It as smeone he currently met. The mssages were about eeking help for a failingg marriage. The girl played along and dropped hints to meet up. After a heart to heart talk I asked my husband to quit talking to the girl.He promised he would. I then later learned this girl from another town had travled to a club where we were at . What a coincidence. I then cught text messages back an forth about meeting up. My husband wrote back to her...let me know when.. I dont know how to take this n when I had gotten upset I felt crazy. Hes also friendly with his ex that moved n next door two weeks after our marriage. Also it seems when we argue I catch him telling women I do not know that he misses them. Or sparks conversations up with them privatly.

  • you have to be very careful because these social networking is good and bad also it depend how people take it.


    • Be very carefull, he shoul be carefull too, a girl online can be everything you can't be, and he will see that in her...its like a little "novelty" package. Even if the truth is that you are so much more valuable to him than she coyld ever be, its all in the mind.


      • May be you should do the same things to let him feel what you feel??


        • Hi everybody, please note that the original post was from August of last year and that the original poster has not been back to respond nor to seek any other advise. This is an old thread. - Adair, do you really think this would be a good action to take? It would seem rather juvenile to do this just to get someone to see your side of an argument. It would seem that sitting down and discussing the problems would be the more mature type of conversation. Just saying. . .
          That which we forget may as well never really happened.


          • I'd steal her right out from under him. Can you imagine the reaction to that?
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