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I'm slowly turning evil because of HB

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  • I'm slowly turning evil because of HB

    To wives and ladies out there, ever come across that you wish a certain project in the house get done by SO asap or hopefully not to wait for another couple years, I.e: the stained in the ceiling painted ; the extra shelves installed for more storage ;upgrade the light fixtures or water taps or faucets ; adding wall shelves in the kids room etc etc...
    I, too , love to have stuffs changed in the house. But, I don't wait for HB to do it because I know,I'll have to wait for another few years before it gets done or perhaps will never get done,ever.
    So, I learnt to install some wall cabinets myself in my storage room; and I changed the kitchen's faucet then I also upgraded our ensuite faucet. I even changed the vanity light fixtures . I've even changed the wooden closet doors to the mirror sliders. The house looks good. My friends said you been doing too much man's work. I guess I did and this HB of mine has never given me a compliment but I was lucky there's no complain. When I first have the kitchen's faucet changed ,HB , instead of him telling me what a good wife he has, he said , " it's easy right?!" . Yes, maybe is easy, but that's not what a SO should've said to his woman that tried so hard.

    As some of you may have thought I probably spent too much money on those upgrades that HB didn't want them changed. No, I work part time with good income plus I've some money saved aside, I didn't spend unnecessarily. Our bank account looks fine.

    I'm slowly turnng evil as I started to leave driveway not shovelled because he chose to sit on the couch watching tv for hours after dinner then asked if I've the driveway shovelled despite he knew that I've taken our kids to school, did the laundry, cleaned the house, paid the bills, spent lots of time painted our daughter's room and have dinner ready when he gets home, and now I also have to have the driveway shovelled???
    I know because I've done so much, this man has been taking me for granted. Last week, we were in his sister house. We started talking about the bathroom basin get plugged. He started telling the sister that it's very easy to unplug it , before he even started explaining, his sister hissed and said those are man's job, Ive enough things to do. I then have just realized,I've done too much. I did unplug the basin too..

    I'm not looking for sympathy nor judgmental from anyone, I'm just venting

  • I'm like you. I do all sorts of "man" jobs. It's only fair, since I don't accept I'm supposed to do certain things because I'm a woman. So, I won't expect a man to do certain things just because he's a man. My man does lots of chores that many think are supposed to be done by women. I do many things people think are supposed to be done by man.

    In our home, we don't expect the other to do anything. We don't have kids, nor pets and we can afford to do things only when we feel like.

    I only want him to do things that bring him pleasure and I wish the same for myself. We're always pushing each other to live our lives to the full. Life is short to waste any minute/opportunity of it.
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    • Wow, Raindancer you done way much for a woman. I did some flooring too in the past and I did small area floor tiles and wall tiles. But my HB chose to compliment others wife than his, that's really got me upset. Honestly, im just like most other women, I love compliments from HB, I love surprise gifts, I appreciate a shoulder pat when Ive done something great for our home, I love to receice loving massages, I don't mind at all to work on some man's job as long as HB appreciates my work instead of coming out with negativity. I said to him before that gold probably gonna falls out from his lips if he says some nice stuff 1st. I.e, our daughter has her hair bunned up with cute rudolf's eyes,red nose with antlers , he laughed and said she has nothing better to do rather then saying that's so cute


      • It's not turning evil As you said, ur just venting. I'm sure others reading who arent so 'at home at home' learned a thing or two, and would want to do the ceiling too, add shelves, the faucets...!



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