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Understanding a High heel fetish you or husband may have !

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  • Understanding a High heel fetish you or husband may have !

    Have questions about a high heel fetish?

    We have more answers!

    Read our full article, “High Heel Fetish: Why Are Sky-High Shoes A Sexual Turn-On?” here:


    High Heels Love and Understanding

    This is my third and last post on high heels. High heels and shoe fetish is a little dear to my heart ,as I have a love for my very own shoe collection.
    My love for shoes and my husbands lack of understanding of it has caused us both to develop our own foot and shoe fetish. Not only do I wear them daily I now wear them to bed sometimes to please his desires. He also loves them and now even has some of his own to wear . I spoke with a large amount of women who just don't understand a mans love for heels and never had any clue about the effects heels have on men Even men you just happen to walk past in a store .

    Is he obsessed with your feet or shoes ?

    You might be wondering Is my or his obsession with heels normal ?

    The answer is : YES A High Heel Fetish Is totally normal An obsession with high sexy shoes heels and pumps is called a high heel fetish, and it’s not just normal it’s a very common fetish.

    There is something about high heels that just screams sex especially to men . They are proven to instantly increase a female’s attractiveness and are often associated with authority and power then you would ever imagine — while remaining almost synonymous with femininity.

    Love for -high heels is on the rise, and the love of all things heels has created a type of sexual fetishism called a high heel fetish. But just because it’s fairly new to you. Don't mean it is not common In fact having a fetish for high heels is actually a very common type of sexual fantasy and one of the biggest fetish's existing today . In fact lots of men in powerful positions love nothing more than a women in high heels or boots to put him in his place and even make him wear some heels for her. Many of these men are actually ashamed to admit this to a spouse and very often seek the help of a paid Mistress or pro dominant to act out on the thoughts of high heels shoes and boots.

    High Heel Fetish Facts: What Does Loving Heels Mean?

    Not all fetishes are equal, but the definition of a fetish is the same: it’s a pronounced sexual interest in something that isn’t typically thought of as sexual. A high heel fetish is a specific type of shoe fetish in which a person has an erotic interest in high heels and can achieve arousal and maybe even sexual satisfaction from the shoes. A person with a high heel fetish may experience one or more of the following

    1 Looking at high heels causes sexual arousal

    2 Being forced to wear heels by a women gives him an amazing sense of surrender to her !

    3 Being forced to kiss and lick her glossy heels can give him a feeling of obedience surrender and a controlled and even humiliated state that he sees his partner as his goddess !

    4 Touching high heels causes sexual arousal

    5 Hearing heels click and clack on the floor causes excitement and the sense of her power

    6 Seeing a partner wearing high heels creates sexual excitement — both in and out of bedroom

    7 Sexual stimulation may be achieved using high heels as “toys” doing things to your heels if you catch my drift!

    A submissive male who is forced to wear heels and teased a little by the women Gets off on the humiliation and surrender of power to his goddess . The thought of her forcing him to kiss and lick her shoes and feet is often over powering to him and one of the most submissive acts he can do to prove his love and devotion to her. He gets off on trying to please you as well. After all kissing someones feet is the biggest sign of submission and dedication. A male who will actually kiss and lick your feet is definitely seeing you as his superior. He is also most likely a regular male in a position of power Or always the guy who every one counts on.

    Also having a high heel fetish doesn’t automatically mean he or her has a foot fetish.It’s true that a person can have both a high heel fetish and a foot fetish, many people who experience arousal from shoes have no interest in feet and can even be turned off by feet. Someone playing along with rubbing or kissing feet for the partner may actually develop a very strong high heel shoe fetish and desires to wear them around her .

    High heel fetishism can also come in many forms. One person may be affected by closed-toe heels while another may prefer sky-high strappy sandals. Some love open toe heels and Most always love the high glossy patents. As well some love them all as long as the shoes have high heels and gloss

    What Triggers A desire for High Heels?

    Scientists have yet to discover an exact cause for why a person develops certain fetishes. Here are some of the theories as to why someone might eventually fall in love with high heels:

    1 A childhood experience such as a crush on teacher who wore heels

    2 High heel visuals from pornographic magazines and videos

    3 A dislike of feet that actually turns into a love for shoes

    4 A submissive male seeking loss of control and power to a powerful women.

    5 Many men , as a child may have tried on the sisters or moms heels

    How To Satisfy A High Heel Fetish:

    Making the best of his or your high heel fetish depends on what exactly excites him when it comes to high shoes. If He is into female-power aspect, perhaps you should wear his or your favorite pair and spontaneously control him . If watching the partner in heels is his thing, consider asking him to pick out a pair of high heels for you to wear on outings. And if wearing the shoes, arouse him try having him wear heels to bed or some role play fun.

    No matter which way you help satisfy this craving for high heels, it’s important to consider his and her comfort and boundaries. For example, rather than having to hobble around in impossible stilettos all night ,go ahead and put your shoes on just before you plan to get down to business in bed . After all, a good partner should be more than willing to indulge when it comes to his or her sexual fetishes. Is it that he wants to be forced to kiss your shoes ? I say put on a sweet pair of glossy shoes and order him to polish them with his tongue and kiss them as you sit back and sip a beverage.
    Be sure to stop every now and then to point out a spot he may have missed! Make it fun and lasting . Perhaps he wants to be forced to wear some heels ? Go buy him a nice pair of 4 inch pumps in a glossy bright pink order him into them and have him serve you a beverage before you order him to give you a foot massage as you sit back in your chair relaxing and reading your favorite magazine!

    Should I play along ? What if my friends knew ? Does he want to be a women?

    Yes you should totally play along indulge him or yourself in this type of play Why should any spouse deny the other for any reason a marriage is about love and doing thing we like. Would you rather have fun in some heels besides closed doors Or having him or her thinking about someone else ? We owe it to ourselves and spouses to have fun with our life. Worried about what others may think ? They may be doing the same thing or even much kinkier things in bed. Or they may not be happy at all . Besides what happens in your bedroom should remain in your bedroom so I say as long as you to post up video of what when on who will ever know! Have fun Be calm and wear heels !

    Doe's he want to be a women because he wants to wear my shoes or other items? A common question ? The answer : Actually NO Most submissive men who have desires to fool around wearing something of yours wants nothing to do with anyone else but you ! It has nothing to do with him wanting to be a women or pass as one. Wearing heels or your panties around you actually is his way of feeling submissive to you obedient and dedicated to you. When a submissive man is forced into panties or heels by a women he normally adores this women and worships the very ground she walks on. Its like his way of confirming he is dedicated to you. The feeling of humiliation he gets from you seeing him or enforcing this only makes him feel like you are the goddess of his world. A man who dabbles in cross dressing is usually totally straight and has no interest in other men at all and would even find the thought of being with another man repulsive. However there are some who like to dress and pass as a women who again are totally straight However there are some that are interested in men . Keep in mind that if your man is submissive , and wants you to force him into submission and control him in bed while he wears your heels or panties even a bra he is more into you than you know, and has no interest in any one else male or female you are his goddess !

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  • I wish my wife would see this this way This is awesome and true , I am dying to be a submissive to my wife forced into panties and heels and just treat her like she is gold


    • A great post!


      • wrong reply, sorry
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        • Having more dresses, skirts & heels than my wife was part of the reason she divorced me, that & the fact that I was almost living full time as Joanne.


          • I LOVE high heels.


            • So do I - on a woman!
              On rare occasions I can persuade my wife to wear heels to bed, and it's very exciting...


              • A good post, but for me my fetish is. There the most juicy ladies, with delicious legs. I think this is the greatest passion for a man. she turns me so mm)
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                • I can understand a shoe fetish very well: heels are gorgeous. I would love to be brave and wear them daily myself. Shoes are definitely a passion for me. If I have the place to go, I will wear heels.

                  Anyhow, a cool thread!


                  • Heels are gorgeous for women !


                    • I have 2 fetishes - 1 my wife knows about and one she doesn't really know about

                      My main fetish is a scarf fetish and it only started a few years ago.... my wife regularly wears scarves (mainly cotton ones) to work as part of her outfit and on our wedding anniversary a few years ago we had a romantic weekend away.... she stopped at a plus size womans clothing shop and saw a red / grey polka dot scarf on a hanger. she thought it was very pretty and bought it.
                      That night in our hotel she took her nightie off and did a sexy dance in front of me with her new scarf - she rubbed it over her breasts and between her legs, then bent over and asked if I wanted to make love..... I didn't need asking twice and I still rate that as the post powerful / intense orgasm I've ever had.
                      Since then she has added many more scarves to her collection and she knows that I am turned on by her wearing them during sex.... sadly she hardly wears then to bed any more...



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