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Partner's low libido and fatigue

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  • Partner's low libido and fatigue

    Hi. I'm August, a 39 year old man from Norway. Me and my husband were having some big issues in the bed room for almost a couple of years before I finally went to see my doctor. We had tried councelling, and it was our therapist that suggested that I go check my testosterone levels. It turned out that I have a condition called hypogonadism, which results in me having low testosterone.

    You hear alot about testosterone treatment these days, but even still, I think that people dont have enough knowledge about the potency (litterally) of this sex hormone. Both women and men need it for their libidos (among other things). My husband became quite unsure about me and himself when my sex drive plummeted and I became increasingly uninterested in sex. I think that if we had gotten help sooner we would have saved ourselves some frustrations and tensions.
    Therefore I decided to make a blog and a podcast about my own experiences with having low testosterone, and how I am treated for it. I do this because I think my experiences are not unique and that others will benefit from me sharing.

    And it's not only me. My husband is also joining in on the podcast and we share our story together.

    I know this is sort of a plug, but hopefully my post wont only be seen as such, but as a genuine effort to reach out to others who might be struggeling with low testosterone in their partnerships without even knowing that it's low testosterone causing the problems. If you are living in a sexless marriage or partnership, and this is causing conflicts and tension, then you might find it educating reading about our story.

    You can find my site at link removed.

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  • Welcome August!

    Sounds like you have some useful experience to share. Unfortunately we do not allow links.
    You can share your story here, in discussion form, and I'm guessing some posters would enjoy the dialogue.


    • Welcome to WH, August. Low testosterone is a condition that effects many men and causes problems with their relationships.
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      • Thanks for having me! I guess if anyone is interested they can always just google my username to find my site.

        Yeah, JNS, I agree. I think the most insidious with low testosterone is that it can creep up on you without you even realizing. My personal experience is that the relationship with your spouse will often tank because of this, and general practitioners will not necessarily diagnose your state correctly untill you hit the very bottom of the testosterone levels. There is a margin between what is genereally concidered an absolute minimum and the level that will start giving you problems (where effective treatment could help).
        You read all about these "news" articles (fake news? **grin**) about frustrations stemming from low sex drive in one the partners. I can confirm that my low sex drive made my husband insecure; he wondered if my love for him had changed, and had to make a "battle plan" to make the most use of the little libido I had left (this was before my diagnosis). It was kinda un-sexy, but what was the alternative?

        Btw, I think it is appropriate to point out the difference between low libido and erectile dysfunction. You can have both with low testosterone (or high estrogen for that matter), but in our case it wasn't that I couldn't "get it up" when I was in the mood. The problem was that I never was in the mood, and having sex was just a hassle and an inconvinience.


        • All true, says one who's had the low T thing.
          Its difficult to find a doctor who recognizes that it's not sufficient to merely be "within the normal range," but that you should be at or above the mean.


          • It's great that you've done a podcast over an issue that many face. I am sure you'll get a lot of traffic. Good luck!



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