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Career Mom Guilt Is Real. Have You Ever Experienced It?

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  • Career Mom Guilt Is Real. Have You Ever Experienced It?

    Mom guilt is real! I love my profession and I love being a mom, but sometimes balancing the two can leave us moms feeling less than enough in both.

    If you've ever experienced mom guilt, whether as a SAHM or career mom, we'd love to hear your experience. How did you learn to deal with the guilt? Have you found a balance?

    I wrote this article to share my experience with mom guilt, how to understand it and ultimately, how to overcome it.

    You can read the entire article here:

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  • I think if I were a mum, I would feel career mum guilt. Because I am a fairly independant woman and would work to provide for my children. I don't have any children, though. However, I can understand wanting to work yet still clothe and feed them without missing out on their childhood because I was working. I suppose it is a balancing act: and my kids would have to understand that I had to pay the bills. And that I wanted to give them a childhood where they have money to wear new shoes and have money to celebrate their birthday and all the other things they would need.

    Nothing can disspell the guilt, but working is necessary and I absolutely believe they would understand in later years.


    • I'm not a mom....but I do already know that I will feel career mom guilt if I ever have children. I feel guilt now as a career DOG mom. Lol. I am constantly feeling like I don't do enough with her....that she doesn't get to have fun enough...and I know her life is quickly fleeting and I want it to be the absolute BEST. But the truth is, everything I do is enough for her...it's just never going to be enough for ME.

      I see my mom-friends go through this guilt. And for many, they aren't in careers because they are passionate about their careers like Rebecca is, but because they don't have a choice, financially. I suspect it makes a difference if you're a career mom because you absolutely love what you do vs because you feel you don't have a choice.

      Nonetheless, these are great tips for career moms who are tired of feeling like they're never enough.
      "Be what you're looking for."


      • Indeed this is a tricky topic. I have come to learn that the "sweet spot" actually may not exist in motherhood. There are seasons when one must primarily focus on the children and others when focusing on the career is the main goal. While one never completely neglects one area for the other, there are certainly times when it may feel that way at the home or in the office.

        I think the best suggestion is to be patient, flexible, and loving with oneself. Know that as a career mom you are doing your best, and yes, your children will eventually thank you for it even if it is not today, but rather years down the road.


        • I think, too, that there is such a thing as Career Dad Guilt: I write this because my dad worked his whole life and throughout me and my siblings childhood. Even though he did all that work - plus achieved a mathematics degree from the Open University - the guilt was there. Any parent - whether the mother or father - has that feeling of not wanting to miss their kid's childhood. Of course we were at school all day, but my dad made up for in later years: and still does.

          Back to mums: career guilt is very real. Because your children only have one childhood. So I agree that any parent working full-time should be flexible and also not feel too guilty. Everyone needs to make money and have the best life they can afford. Work is usually the only way to do this. It is a balancing act and is very possible with help from friends, teachers and family.


          • "Should I quit my job?" is a question I constantly ask myself when I no longer have the energy or desire to balance my work and home-life.
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