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Information on Erection Problems

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  • Information on Erection Problems

    Just wanted to share this article on Golden Root:

    link removed

    This article covers the main issues and causes behind erectile dysfunction, as well as ways in which it can be prevented.

    Does anyone have anything to add to this? Such as other causes or remedies?

    I hope people find this of interest.

  • Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most embarrassing physical health issue. Everyone needs to know about its causes and treatment. Here are some causes and treatment options:

    Most of the men who suffer because of ED are known to have depression as a primary underlying cause.
    Generic Viagra () is a generic medicine choice available for men all over the world to get a robust control over sexual life. The cost of such medicine is less because of its generic nature.


    • Erectile dysfunction is the inability faced by many males. The penis erection which occurs during sexual arousal becomes troublesome. Men may feel either less erected or might not feel anything in worst cases. When such conditions occur, people go for medical support like buy cialis online


      • Originally posted by RalpMcDonald
        Most of the men who suffer because of ED are known to have depression as a primary underlying cause.
        That's what folks around here refer to as a load of bull manure. Except nobody I know says "manure."
        Depression may very often be the result, but it's seldom the cause.

        For what it's worth, the true "generic viagra" is called sildenafil and is sold by reputable pharmacies, both bricks and mortar and online, for the treatment of PAH (pulmonary arterial hypertension, I think), though at a much lower dosage. So instead of taking a single 100 mg Viagra at $50 - $60 per pill, you take 4 or 5 20 mg sildenafils at $2 per pill, $8 - $10 total.
        Cialis is still far better, for me at least, because a dose can last for up to 2 days, so you have a lot more flexibility in timing, But at $60 a dose, it has to be a VERY special occasion.
        For an immediate result at a moderate cost per dose, there are the "intracavernosal injections" of what is commonly called Tri-mix or Quad-mix in various formulations. And by "immediate result," I mean in 1 - 3 minutes! Look up intracavernosal so I don't have to go into the (not particularly pleasant) details...


        • And yet another troll is heard from...
          We need a minimum posts requirement before you can ost to this or the Sex threads.



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