2022 Sex Toy Challenge: 7 People, 7 Sex Toys — 7 Days!
To celebrate National Masturbation Month, seven adults share what it’s like to use a different sex toy every day for one week in this fun, one-of-a-kind challenge.

Women’s Health Interactive teamed up with Adam & Eve to conduct a first-of-its-kind Sex Toy Challenge for National Masturbation Month (May).

For one week, 7 participants recruited by Women’s Health Interactive, tried 7 different toys curated by Adam & Eve’s resident sex therapist, Dr. Jenni Skyler, and provided by Adam & Eve. 

Our Goal: To normalize masturbation, self-love, and the conversations surrounding the topic.

Quick Stats From The Sex Toy Challenge:

  • 49 different sex toys were tried
  • 39 orgasms were achieved (not counting multiples!)
  • The average participant reached climax on 5 out of 7 days during the challenge
  • 1 participant reached climax every day of the challenge
  • All 7 challengers tried at least one style of sex toy that was brand new to them
30 — Queer

Hi! My name is Kailin (they/them). I’m 30 years old, non-binary, and extremely Queer. I’ve had a very long and healthy relationship with masturbation, sexual health awareness, and body positivity. I took on this challenge in an attempt to educate others and influence the normalization of self-love. I hope that sharing my experiences with these 7 toys gives others a different perspective on how we can love ourselves — and shows them some fancy gadgets they didn’t know they needed. 

Day 1: Fifty Shades Of Grey Sensation G-Spot Finger Vibrator — Orgasm? Yes!

When I first opened this toy, I was doubtful that I would achieve orgasm. I was very mistaken. The curvature of the toy combined with the plethora of vibration intensities and patterns was shocking; the length hits my G-spot with accuracy like no other G-spot toy I’ve ever encountered. I came in 5 minutes — which hardly ever happens to me with clitoral vibrators, let alone G-spot vibrators. I was so happy with it that I kept going and came a second time! I highly recommend this toy to everyone.

Day 2: The Eroscillator 2 — Orgasm? No.

When I opened the package, I audibly giggled. The first thing I thought was: “This looks like an electric toothbrush.” I’d never used a toy with options for multiple attachments and was pretty intrigued. I’d also never used a toy that was designed with labia stimulation in mind so exploring a part of my vulva I’d never managed by myself was pretty cool. Although I didn’t have an orgasm with the included Golden Spoon attachment, I would like to try a few of the other attachments that can be ordered.

Day 3: Eve’s Realistic Rabbit — Orgasm? Yes!

My very first sex toy was a rabbit and I was super jazzed that another one found itself in my lap — pun intended. Visually, I liked the realistic look and the rabbit clit tickler is so damn cute! The two buttons that control the shaft and rabbit motors work independently and that’s something that my old rabbit didn’t do. It took a little bit of maneuvering and playing with the different settings before I found several combos that were right for me, but I had a blast!

Day 4: Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Wand — Orgasm? Yes!

Wands are my go-to sex toys. I have a rechargeable wand that I call “Ol’ Reliable.” I take her on vacations, to kink events, and anytime I have a sleepover at a lover’s house. The Satisfyer Wand-er Woman might be putting my old wand out of commission. When I first opened it, I just played with the 50 settings for a solid half-hour and giggled like a schoolgirl while my eyes continued to get wider and wider. Super happy to know I’ll have this big purple fella for many, many years to come!

Day 5: Adam & Eve Warming Rabbit G — Orgasm? Yes!

I’ve never had a sex toy that has a warming element to it. I liked the way the Warming Rabbit G felt inside of me more than the Realistic Rabbit from the other day, not only because of the warmth but because it had a much smoother insertion. I wish the Warming Rabbit G had the same dual button feature, however. Even so, I’m quite happy that I now have two different rabbits to choose from.

Day 6: Chíc Tulip Rolling Clitoral Stimulator — Orgasm? Yes!

I’ve seen toys like this at many of the sex shops I’ve visited and always wanted to buy one — but never got around to it. I was so psyched when I saw this in my box that I literally squealed and scared the shit out of my cat. The tongue flicking sensation and the vibration were both fantastic. Unlike the other toys in the box, I actually edged myself with this one because I never wanted it to stop — but knew that when I finally came, I’d be spent. After a while, I couldn’t hold it back anymore, had an earthquake of an orgasm, and promptly fell asleep.

Day 7: Satisfyer Pro 2 Plus Vibration — Orgasm? Yes!

I saved the Satisfyer Air Pulse for last on purpose. A few of my friends have this toy already and I coveted them. This is the one that I was the most excited to try. With any new toy, I start on the lowest setting and work my way up. The first setting on the Satisfyer made me go “ooo okay.” The second left me feeling “OOOOO okAYYY.” Settings 3 through 5 left me speechless. And by the 6th, my thighs shook so violently that I wobbled when I finally stood up, which took a while because I just laid in my bed post-orgasm in a puddle of self-love bliss as I had never experienced in my whole damn life.

Sex Toy Challenge Roundup Final Thoughts

This challenge was beyond enjoyable! The variety of toys and their functions exceeded expectations and I hope other opportunities such as this come my way in the future. I tried some updated and newfangled versions of my “old standby“ toys, as well as some I didn’t even know I needed until I had them. These toys are gifts from the Goddess Aphrodite herself and I am counting my 7 blessings. I hope my contribution to this project provides inspiration and active enthusiasm for the exploration of self-love and healthy sexuality as a whole. Once again, I thank Women’s Health Interactive and Adam and Eve! Y’all rock and have my greatest and most sincere appreciation.

51 — Bisexual

Hi! My name is Wednesday Lee Friday (she/her), a writer and business owner from the great state of Michigan. I signed up for the 2022 Sex Toy Challenge to get a feel for what’s happening in sex tech and try out some of the latest advancements in modern pleasure enhancers. My partner and I are always looking to try new things and these sex toys will give us a perfect opportunity to experiment together in the future. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter @WednesFri.

Day 1: Adam & Eve Rechargeable Finger Vibe — Orgasm? Yes!

This is an extremely versatile vibe — with usage limited only by your imagination. The design is fun and constructed from body-safe silicone. It features a nubby texture on the tip, with a blunted peak that lets the user pinpoint the perfect spot. The loop can fit any finger comfortably, making it a great toy for solo or partnered use. Depending on positioning, it can also complement partnered intercourse. And of course, this rechargeable finger vibe does an array of patterns — 10 in all.

Day 2: Adam & Eve Heat Me Up Warming Rabbit Thruster — Orgasm? No.

This is a luxury-style sex toy with all the bells and whistles, so to speak. It’s a thrusting vibe, which means the top half can literally thrust about .5 inches and has warming capabilities controlled separately in the shaft and rabbit. The Heat Me Up Warming Rabbit Thruster is also rechargeable, waterproof (even when submerged), and has deep ridges for an intensity I was unprepared for. One could say without hyperbole that this is the Rolls Royce of sex toys. But honestly, I don’t require a Rolls Royce to get where I’m going. While I’ll definitely give this masterpiece of design another chance — I have to say I found it a bit overwhelming during the first use.

Day 3: Shegasm Pro-Thruster Suction Rabbit — Orgasm? Yes!

This vibrator contains two of the best things about sexy times with another person — thrusting and sucking. This model combines seven speeds of thrusting with three speeds of suction for an intense and unparalleled experience. The controls are easy to manage — which you might not expect given how many stimulation combinations there are. If you’ve never used a clit-sucking vibe before, they feel totally different on land than they do underwater — and you definitely deserve to experience them both. While this vibe is a bit of an investment, you’ll likely find, as I did, it’s totally worth it.

Day 4: Eve’s Petite Private Pleasure Wand — Orgasm? Yes!

Looking at this vibrator, it seems like a smaller version of a typical Hitachi (or even a Hitachi knockoff). That’s what I thought. I was very much mistaken. This thing is a powerhouse with strong vibes, great adjustability, and 10 speeds/functions. It works with a single button, so you won’t be fumbling around in the dark. What really works about this petite wonder are the things that aren’t readily apparent. The ridges and dips in the tip of this vibe are sensational (pun intended!) for clitoral or G-spot play. The tip is flexible as well and moves with your body — making it an excellent choice for solo or partnered sex play. This thing is great, and also very cost-effective!

Day 5: Satisfyer: Pro 2 - Next Generation — Orgasm? Yes, several!

I’d been wanting to try a Satisfyer for a while now, having had good results with similarly themed clit sucking sex toys. The Pro 2+ uses “pressure waves” that are basically puffs of air creating a simulation of clit sucking. It’s highly adjustable, with 11 pressure wave settings and 10 vibration settings. Though why you’d invest in one of these to just use the vibrator part, I do not know. The only downside to this toy is how easy it is to accidentally hit buttons during use. While that’s a common issue with sex toys, in this one, an errant button press can put your whole experience on hold while you readjust — which is not ideal.

Day 6: Red Dream Dual Stimulating Massager — Orgasm? Yes, eventually.

The design here is roughly the same as other vibes of its type. Dual motors control the shaft and clit stimulator separately — and each features 10 speeds and patterns of vibration. This sex toy has inviting curves that give it a highly unique shape that’s designed for blended orgasms. My experience with the Red Dream was less than thrilling. I suspect that anatomy will play a major part in user enjoyment with this vibrator — much the way it does with intercourse. While there is some flexibility to be had here, adjusting the angle and depth wasn’t able to get me where I needed to be. I’ll no doubt give this one another try later on. 

Day 7: Eve’s Rechargeable Thrusting Rabbit — Orgasm? Yes!

This rabbit is designed specifically to provide blended G-spot and clitoral orgasms. I dare say it succeeds in that endeavor — beautifully. There are 10 levels of thrust, which include varying speeds and patterns, and tops out at .5 inches — perfect for G-spot play. The shaft has great texture, and dual motors let users control the clit-stimulating rabbit portion from the vibrating tip of the shaft. The design features three buttons of different shapes. While their functions are obvious from a visual standpoint, I didn’t find their shapes to be especially helpful when feeling around in the dark for buttons. This is easily the best thruster of those I tried for this project. One caveat though — it’s physically heavier than it looks.

Sex Toy Challenge Roundup Final Thoughts

Trying seven sex toys in seven days was a pretty wild time. The husband and I experienced good times, laughs, and mild frustration at those few vibes that had a short learning curve. With my collection of excellent sex toys now doubled, there will be no shortage of pleasure at our place any time soon. 

I learned that bullet vibes are crazy powerful, pleasurable things can come in small packages, and that not all thrusters are created equal. The challenge affirmed my personal view that when it comes to vibrating, sucking, or thrusting toys, silicone is king! While I don’t want to be greedy, this challenge also gave me some ideas for a few more toys I’d like to try out in the future!

39 — Straight

Hi! I’m Vanessa (she/her) and I’m a freelance writer. I didn’t know about National Masturbation Month until recently and thought the Sex Toy Challenge would be a fun way to explore my sexuality in a way that was pretty new to me. I’ve been using the same bullet vibe for years so it was time to level up. I’m learning to be more adventurous so I figured why not jump right into the deep end and see what happens?

Day 1: Eve’s Deluxe Rabbit Thumper — Orgasm? Yes!

Gotta be honest, I didn’t last 2 minutes before I had an orgasm, I couldn’t believe it! The vibes are so powerful and I especially loved the ease of positioning the tickler while the shaft of the rabbit was inside. I’ve never used a rabbit before and was intimidated at first, especially the size. But once I played with the controls and got comfortable, it was like being on a rollercoaster…everything happened so fast! While pretty noisy, it gets the job done in record time for me, which is great when I just want to get straight to the point!

Day 2: Adam & Eve Silicone G-Gasm Rabbit — Orgasm? Yes!

This one was a slow burn for me. It took a couple of minutes to get there and get comfortable. The vibes from the shaft were good but the tickler took some getting used to. I kept having to adjust and felt like I was too focused on operating the toy to get a good routine going rather than “enjoying” the experience overall. Once I found the right spot and experimented with some motions, however, that’s when things started going. The orgasm itself was wonderful and didn’t hit me before I was ready, which made the trial and error worth it.

Day 3: LELO Smart Wand 2 — Orgasm? Yes!

I really loved this toy! Silky smooth, it’s a perfect size and easy to handle. The controls were easy to figure out and the head was the perfect size for maneuvering around my lady parts. It was super quiet for a wand! Granted, it makes some noise but it’s by far the quietest vibrator I’ve ever used, making it ideal for discreet fun even if there are people in the next room. The vibes and patterns switch things up when needed and the damn thing even feels good just to hold, let alone use. It’s a smart wand — but it’s also magical!

Day 4: Bloomgasm Rose Buzz Clitoral Stimulator — Orgasm? Yes!

This one took me a second to figure out. The patterns and speeds were easy enough but positioning it took a bit of trial and error. I didn’t use the stem because I was so focused on the rose part of the toy, although I’ll likely switch that up next time I use it. The vibes were decent! It took me a while to orgasm but once I added more pressure, the more the sensations improved. It’s a little bit awkward to have between your legs but it got the job done!

Day 5: Satisfyer Breathless By Adam & Eve — Orgasm? Yes!

What a freaking cutie of a toy! I loved the material and design — it’s so easy to hold and it’s the ideal travel size. The shape is perfect for where it’s supposed to go and didn’t require a lot of effort at all for me to control. The mouth opening fits perfectly over my clit, too. I think the vibration is really what brought me to orgasm more than the air pulse stimulation but having the dual sensations definitely made for a great experience!

Day 6: CalExotics Empowered Smart Pleasure Idol — Orgasm? No.

I wanted to like this toy but I just couldn’t figure out the freaking controls! I read the manual several times and played with them before using it and only ended up getting frustrated. The vibration part is easy enough but then there’s the suction — and that thing can suck! I tested it on my arm and it sucked so hard that it left a hickey! When I used it on my clit, the vibes and air release didn’t do much for me and when I finally braved the suction I immediately released it after a few seconds because it hurt. Didn’t do it for me at all.

Day 7: Magic Massager Deluxe — Orgasm? Yes!

This thing is a freaking jackhammer of vibes! It’s honestly too damn big and bulky to use. The cord tethering me to the nearest outlet was a letdown but I did like the ease of the controls: one to power it on/off and the other to cycle through the vibration patterns. I had to use two hands to control it, otherwise, my arm would get tired pretty quickly. It is also crazy loud so it will tell the world all your business if you decide to use it for sexy time in a home with other people present. Big, loud, clunky — but successful.

Sex Toy Challenge Roundup Final Thoughts

I’m SO glad I participated in this challenge! It was like Christmas morning to have such a wide array of toys to choose from — some I’d always heard about and others I never knew existed. I was intimidated by the rabbits but ultimately ended up loving them! 

Before this challenge, I’d only ever used a bullet (everything else seemed so intimidating when it came to toys) and that was starting to get old. Now I feel so much more confident in what I like and prefer. I realized that when it comes to masturbation, I don’t have a lot of time in my busy schedule to fit in self-love but thanks to rabbit vibes, I get the satisfaction I need in record time and can go about my day. It’s the most convenient “quickie” ever! 

I would do this challenge again and encourage others to participate. It really opens your eyes to the various ways to experience pleasure and self-love. I didn’t even know there was a National Masturbation Month before this challenge and am happy I got to celebrate it in the best way possible by taking my experience to the next level in a way that’s perfect for me.

25 — Lesbian

Hi! My name is Zoë (she/her), and I’m a devoted cat mother and avid reader. I’m taking part in this challenge to destigmatize masturbation and extend my comfort zone. Sexual well-being and self-pleasure are two of the most important (and often overlooked) aspects of life, and I am all for exploring my body and experiencing toys that I’ve never used before. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying yourself sexually and taking part in this Sex Toy Challenge is a helpful reminder of that. 

Day 1: Fifty Shades Of Grey Inner Goddess Glass Pleasure Balls — Orgasm? Yes!

As a pleasure ball newbie, I was unsure of what to expect. The Inner Goddess pleasure balls are wrapped in soft silicone, making them super easy to insert and totally enhancing my masturbation experience. They are a perfect size; not too big and not too small. It’s like they certainly make themselves known, but aren’t annoying about it. Using a water-based personal lubricant certainly made this toy better. I really liked using these internally. While also stimulating my clit, the presence of the Inner Goddess glass pleasure balls just made the whole experience more pleasurable and sensual.

Day 2:  Eve’s Rechargeable Rotating Rabbit Flicker — Orgasm? Yes!

This big and powerful pink rabbit is speedy, intense, and oh-so-exciting. Upon first glance, I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to enjoy this toy because it is pretty large and comes with a very unique clit stimulating rabbit. Rather than typical “rabbit ears,” this toy’s clit tickler features small nubs of soft silicone, kind of like a really soft electric toothbrush that rubs against your clit and vibrates at top speed. That said, the rabbit itself is actually a bit too short to properly fit my clit and G-spot at the same time, and it requires a bit of work and positioning to get it to fit right.

Day 3: The Womanizer Liberty — Orgasm? Yes!

I was so excited to try this toy and was not at all let down by the hype it’s received in the past. I really appreciate its hard shell cover and soft storage bag but most importantly, it DEFINITELY got me off. Once it’s against your clit, I recommend playing with different speeds. The Womanizer itself is smaller than I expected, but it fits perfectly in the palm of my hand, making it really easy to control and position. The stimulation is balanced so well with just the right amount of pressure and suction.

Day 4: Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager — Orgasm? Yes!

 This small yet powerful wand vibrator packs a big punch! I really enjoyed using it and found that it brought me to orgasm really fast. The lowest setting on the Peak wand is definitely stronger than other sex toys I’ve tried in the past. I like that this wand is easy to use and straightforward, with only a few buttons that do what they say they will. The ball at the end of the wand is fastened by a flexible silicone neck, which really helps you achieve your desired position and pressure. I think this wand would make a great travel buddy because it’s portable, relatively quiet, and waterproof.

Day 5: Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation — Orgasm? Yes!

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation took me for an unforgettable ride that I will never forget! I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this clit stimulator and found the suction to be extremely comfortable and soft. This penguin is not only adorable (it’s literally wearing a bowtie), but it is also extremely strong and feels amazing. I’d say that it is far more sucking than it is pulsating, so if you appreciate strong suction vibes, then you would probably love this toy. It brought me to orgasm really quickly and was easy to use and clean. A con for this toy is its lack of storage, leaving you on your own to find a suitable sanitary storage solution.

Day 6: Adam & Eve Vibrating Bumpy Bead Set — Orgasm? Yes!

I was a bit nervous before using these vibrating anal beads, so I decided to start slow and work my way up to more. I wore the anal plug around the house for a bit and found it to be pleasantly stimulating and sensual. Similar to the vaginal glass pleasure balls from a few days ago, I felt the anal plug to be a bit subtle and more arousing. I also enjoyed experimenting with the different anal beads included in the set before adding the bullet vibe to the equation. Keep in mind that the bullet vibe requires its own battery, but once it’s in there, you’ll discover that it’s extremely buzzy and can be felt from one end of the plug to the other.

Day 7: Fifty Shades Of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit — Orgasm? Yes!

I LOVED this toy! In the most literal of ways, it rocked my socks off! The rabbit feels great on my clitoris while the shaft hits my G-spot just right. I love that the ears of the rabbit are extra long so that they fit comfortably and snuggly on my clitoris, and the vibrations range greatly from low to really strong. The shaft is great if you enjoy that fill-me-up feeling. I really found this toy to be strong, powerful, and surprisingly quiet! I highly recommend using this with water-based lubricant because it makes for much easier insertion. One con about this vibrator is that it needs to be charged before you can use it for the first time. Alas, patience is a virtue.

Sex Toy Challenge Roundup Final Thoughts

I was intimidated by some of the toys on my list to try for this masturbation challenge and I also had no clue what to expect going into masturbating seven times a week — with a different toy each day!

Before starting this challenge, I would only masturbate about once or twice a month, so I was unsure if I could handle masturbating for seven days straight. However, on day seven of this challenge, I am pleased to report that I was more than capable of handling and enjoying every single toy that was sent to me. While it is likely that I will not continue a daily masturbation routine, I do think that this challenge has inspired me to masturbate more often. It definitely helps to relieve stress and promote better sleep. Who would’ve thought that orgasming every day benefits your mind AND your body!

42 — Mostly Straight

Hi! My name is Kayla Lords (she/her). I’m a sex writer, co-host of the Loving BDSM podcast, and avid sex toy user. I’ve been using sex toys regularly for about 10 years but I tend to stick with tried and true toys that I think will work for me. I wanted to participate in the Sex Toy Challenge to get outside my comfort zone and explore other types of sex toys to find out what else feels good to me. Follow me on Twitter @KaylaLords or Instagram @kinkykaylalords.

Day 1: Womanizer Duo — Orgasm? Yes!

Surprisingly, I did have an orgasm with this one. The internal shaft felt pleasant but wasn’t arousing or orgasmic because penetration doesn’t get me off. The clit stimulator felt very good. I did have to spend time adjusting it to find the just-right spot. The lower settings were best for me. I’d rather have a Womanizer without the internal stimulation or just a wand massager, though even though it got me off. It’s an extremely quiet toy and stand-by mode is an interesting feature.

Day 2: Bodywand Aqua Mini Wand Massager — Orgasm? Yes!

This wand massager is small, quiet, and feels good in my hand. I got off because I found the just-right setting. When it was too low, I didn’t feel anything, but when it was too high it was painful. The vibrations are a bit buzzy but it felt good overall. When I closed my thighs around it to press it against my vulva, I had very pleasant orgasms!

Day 3: Fifty Shades Of Grey Insatiable Desire Mini G-Spot Vibrator — Orgasm? No.

This vibrator is very quiet and small — which is perfect if discretion is important to you. It’s easy to use with just one button to cycle through the settings. I didn’t get off at all with this toy, however. My G-spot didn’t care, so I tried it on my clit and…nothing. It simply wasn’t powerful enough for me.

Day 4: Womanizer/We-Vibe Silver Delights — Orgasm? No.

I had high hopes for the Silver Delights Collection. After using the Womanizer Duo, I was hoping this would get me off as well! It didn’t — at all. The sensations were either overwhelming and almost painful, or I felt almost nothing. I tried different positions and even used it at various times during the day, but it just didn’t work for me. The We-Vibe Tango that was included in the Silver Delights Collection feels nice but it’s just not powerful enough to get me off.

Day 5: Eve's Dual-End Thrusting Wand — Orgasm? Yes, eventually.

I got off with this wand but I needed a steady vibration at higher settings — and it took a while. It doesn’t offer the deep, rumbly vibrations I prefer but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I was able to get off even easier when I closed my thighs around the wand massager, which was very nice. The thrusting action didn’t really do much for me because penetration doesn’t get me off. It’s very quiet for a wand massager, too!

Day 6: We-Vibe Tango X Bullet Vibe — Orgasm? No.

I didn’t get off with this one. The vibrations weren’t that strong to me although they felt really good and I was definitely aroused. I can see it having benefits for partnered play or as a warm-up, but I wouldn’t depend on it for an orgasm. It was super quiet and I liked the throbbing feeling of the vibrations — it just wasn’t enough.

Day 7: Adam & Eve Intimate Curves Rechargeable Wand — Orgasm? Yes!

I absolutely orgasmed with this wand and pleasantly so! It’s very powerful so I only needed the lower settings. It feels good in your hand while holding it, thanks to the super-soft silicone. It was great for clitoral orgasms with my thighs open or closed. I could definitely see myself using this over and over again. It’s the type of toy I prefer most!

Sex Toy Challenge Roundup Final Thoughts

Even though not every sex toy gave me an orgasm, I had a lot of fun using all the different vibrators. Not getting off when I expected to was a good reminder that not every sex toy is right for me and it allowed me to appreciate the toys that definitely worked. I found a couple of new favorites to add to my collection of wand massagers, as well. Overall, this was a lot of fun and I’m glad I was able to take part in the Sex Toy Challenge!

60 — Pansexual

Hi! My name is John Brownstone (he/him), and I’m a woodworker who makes kinky stuff and co-host of the Loving BDSM podcast. Thanks to my partner, Kayla, I started using sex toys a few years ago. I’m taking part in the challenge to learn more about what I like from sex toys but also to show that men can and do enjoy sex toys and that it’s a great way to get off and feel good. Follow me on Twitter @SouthernSirsPl and Instagram @kinkyjohnbrownstone.

Day 1: Fleshlight Pink Lady Original — Orgasm? Yes!

I definitely got off with the Pink Lady. I’m no stranger to Fleshlight and I was not disappointed at all. Right out of the box it was ready to go. I just added a little lube and had at it. Most Fleshlights have ribbing or texture on the inside of the sleeve, but this didn’t. And it felt wonderful! I lost myself in the moment, and it felt very realistic. It even created a bit of suction which was really nice. I’m really pleased with it. I think this is going to have a place in my rotation.

Day 2: Adam’s Rechargeable Penis Pump — Orgasm? No.

This was a bit of a dud for me. I liked the simple digital interface and the ability to charge it, but I’ve never used a penis pump before and didn’t know what to expect. I like things that create suction, which made me look forward to this. The “intelligent mode” didn’t really do anything for me, however. I tried manual mode and increased the suction slowly (per the instructions). At one point it became painful so I released the pressure and tried again. The suction/vacuum was great but as far as getting hard, feeling good, or increasing penis size, it did nothing for me.

Day 3: Piper Rechargeable Masturbator — Orgasm? Yes!

I really enjoyed this one. I liked the warming sensation and the control over all the different functions for suction and vibration. It caused a rather big orgasm. I like the way it looks and it was very comfortable to hold in my hand. I also liked that the vibrations didn’t make it feel like it might fall out of my hand — or off of my penis — and fly across the room. Yes, I’ve tried toys in the past that vibrated that much, and it wasn’t pleasant.

Day 4: Adam’s Glass Prostate Massager — Orgasm? Yes!

This was really, really nice. I had not tried glass toys before and I really enjoyed the experience. The nice thing about glass is that you can warm it up if it’s too cold. Adam’s Glass Prostate Massager was easy to insert and once it was inside, it stayed in place very well. It felt good and gave me a nice full sensation without feeling like it was too much.

Day 5: We-Vibe Vector — Orgasm? Yes!

This was a really nice toy and I was happily surprised to see it among the ones to try during the challenge. It went in nice and easy, thanks to the silicone construction. The vibrations on the prostate and perineum were out of this world! The remote was an added bonus, especially since I could control both sets of vibrations — that feature knocked this one out of the park.

Day 6: Hydromax7 Water Pump — Orgasm? No.

I was really looking forward to trying this one. A penis pump that can be used in the shower was something that intrigued me. Unfortunately, while it felt good, it just didn’t get me over the edge.

Day 7: The Handy — Orgasm? Yes!

I’ve really been wanting to try The Handy because I’d seen people talking about it online. The instructions were easy to understand and follow. I really liked it a lot and was very happy with it. It calls itself The Handy as a play on words because it’s an automatic handjob, but it really does what it says it will. The controls are fairly intuitive — controlling the speed of the stroke and the vibrations. And it was out of this world!

Sex Toy Challenge Roundup Final Thoughts

Overall, I enjoyed this experience and the challenge. It gave me the ability to be exposed to a number of different sex toys over a short amount of time and allowed me to really engage and play with them. A number of them were completely new to me — things I’d never tried before. What I learned is that while many toys were extremely pleasurable, some simply just don’t work for me. This challenge was an exploration and I’m glad I was able to participate!

30 — Straight

Hi! I’m Megan McNamara (she/her) and I’m a certified fertility awareness educator with a passion for sexual wellness. I often come across stigma and taboos relating to cycles, body literacy, and sexual health which only serve to keep people feeling self-conscious and fearful. It’s important to me to normalize self-love and healthy sexual exploration through honest, supportive conversations. Through the Sex Toy Challenge, I hope to learn more about my own sexual responses and preferences in toys, as well as normalize masturbation, the use of toys as a facet of our sexuality, and conversations surrounding them. Follow me on Instagram and YouTube @famtasticfertility.

Day 1: Glas 9” Purple Rain Ribbed Glass Dildo — Orgasm? Yes!

I wanted to start off the challenge with the toy I was most excited about — I’ve always wanted to try a glass or crystal dildo. I’d recommend taking your time to play with it externally to warm up the glass itself and relax your body to receive the toy. Because it’s glass, it’s hard and has no give, so go slow as you familiarize yourself. The purple color is beautiful, the texture was smooth and super comfortable with a bit of my favorite lube, and the ridges provided a satisfying sensation of both fullness and friction.

Day 2: Adam & Eve Rechargeable G-Gasm Curve — Orgasm? Yes!

I really loved the curved shape of this one and how there’s a wide variety of vibration patterns/intensities settings to try. I found it tricky to use the small buttons to toggle between settings and for some patterns, the lowest setting was non-existent and only a quiet beeping sound was emitted. The indicator lights on the device were a bit off both during charging and use, adding to the button confusion. Aside from that, the shape of this vibrator felt amazing and definitely contributed to a great orgasm!

Day 3: Bloomgasm Sweet Heart Rose Clitoral Stimulator — Orgasm? Yes

This was one of my favorites! It works well in three different ways. Not only does the rose design add a romantic vibe, but it was also surprisingly functional, serving as more surface area to rub against the clit, in addition to the “sucking” and vibrating sensations. (Your clit internally extends around more of your vulva/vagina than you might think.) All three sensations combined at once led me to a powerful orgasm beyond anything I’ve felt in the past with small vibrators. The button controls were also responsive and easy to use, too!

Day 4: Red Hot Spark Clitoral Vibe — Orgasm? No.

I was excited to try this new (to me) toy design. The open, tapered end can be nestled around your clit and the other end can be inserted. I played with it for a while and it was fun to explore different sensations, depending on how I angled it against or inside me. Though I wasn’t able to orgasm from this toy alone, it really stood out to me as a great toy to use gently and slowly while getting turned for more to come. I’ll definitely be trying it with another toy in the future!

Day 5: Adam & Eve Double Play Bullets — Orgasm? No.

My first impression of this toy was that it looked like a Y2K-era computer mouse. I quickly learned that wires don’t work for me. I sometimes experience neuroplastic pain symptoms in different areas of my body leading to mobility challenges: finding a comfy position and navigating the twisty wires, the computer mouse, and trying to focus on the sensations all at once was a challenge. The mouse buttons were too responsive and susceptible to bumps and the wires could pull the toy out of place during repositioning. Not for me, but it could be fun for partnered play or in a different position.

Day 6: Womanizer Premium — Orgasm? Yes!

I’ll just say it — this one gave me a unique type of powerful orgasm I’d never experienced prior. I always need lots of clit stimulation, but it typically just comes from my fingers. The tech magic of this toy created a powerful pulsing, clit-sucking sensation. It came on overwhelmingly strong at first, but the controls were very responsive and easy to use, allowing me to switch between lower or higher intensities within a matter of moments, keeping up with what my body needed in real-time. I’d definitely recommend this toy for anyone exploring clit stimulation.

Day 7: Adam & Eve Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads — Orgasm? Yes!

This one surprised me! I’m not typically into anal stimulation, but the small-to-large super-soft beaded design of this toy made it easy to try. Though it definitely contributed to an orgasm, I learned that I’d prefer a different type of end/edge design, which would allow me to sit back comfortably. Because of the firm battery storage area at the end of the toy, it was difficult for me to find a comfortable position where I could fully relax my body and focus on the sensations. I liked the loop at the end as a place to easily grab the toy.

Sex Toy Challenge Roundup Final Thoughts

I had a lot of fun with this and I’d love to do it again! I encourage others to try, too. Remember, you don’t need toys to deepen your connection with your own body — simply your own sense of touch is enough! Prioritizing time for self-love in a way that feels good and safe to you is enough.

My biggest takeaway from this wasn’t about new toys; I felt a renewed sense of intention to prioritize quiet time for self-love and checking in with my body. It also prompted me to refresh my memory about the many mind-body benefits of masturbation. Many studies reflect positive impacts on mental health like sexual pleasure and joy, stress reduction, and letting some people reconnect and reclaim their bodies and libido after negative experiences or sexual trauma. Let alone the physical benefits! Improved sleep quality, temporary pain reduction, strengthening the pelvic floor, and more.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind all the cycle charters out there to add self-love to your charts! Your libido manifests in so many ways other than just partnered sex — tracking self-love on the intimacy line of your charts is a practice in body literacy and cycle health awareness.