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  • Womanizer

    So I just recently ended a 4 year relationship. I ran into an old friend the other day, and decided to hang out. Well this guy has gorgeous attributes and he knows it, he is confident and can get anything he wants. I known that but he has always claimed to be different. So that night we spend time together, i found no real connection so decided i was going to get what i want. We had sex that same day. Despite the lack of connection there we did share a few romantic moments. I told him, that he did not need to make things pretty for me, I do not need the . I let him know that we might both just be in it for the sex. However he explained he is not like that. Well next day we didn't talk at all, no text nothing. I didn't mind. This morning he called to say hi and wanted to know what I'm doing today. My question is, I have a very strong feeling, its just a booty call and he wants to come back for seconds. However, i have been acting very cold letting him know i dont care about getting to know him better. I know he is a womanizer and he always gets what he wants. He maybe perfect in the outside, but is there any chance he is right? He says he is different and he is not a player. Am I being to harsh on him accusing? Is it possible that he may want to spend some time, or maybe he just wants to get some again. My guard is put up way up high with this guy, and keeping it purely physical with me, is fine. He says he's not like that, although i already let him know that i dont mind being just physical. I think maybe i should sleep with him once more, and cut our ties completely off.

  • it sounds like your the manizer (if there is such a word) i think you protest too much, get it on with him if you want to, and see where it goes. but dont be too surprised if it is just sex.


    • This entirely depends on his history of past relationships. If he's a player, then he would say anything to please a woman cause it makes her feel better. Every relationship is a gamble. If you feel like your capable of handling this type of relationship, then go for it. You know yourself better and what your capable of then anybody here. I would advise caution though. Just don't give your heart fully. Call it self-preservation.


      • Miss, do you have proof that he is a womanizer? Seems like you are judging him based on his appearance and the potential "damage" he could do with those features. Of course there is a very good chance that you are right, but I can say I've known some guys who have women swoon all over them and actually find it annoying -- making it that much harder for them to find that someone special.


        • we'll i've known this guy for a couple off years, since high school. I hadn't seen for a year. I do feel like I am judging him way too much because I know that In high school, all girls were after him. We talked but never thought of him as more than just looks. He texted me yesterday to see what i was doing, i was working that day so i let him know. And today he hasnt texted at all. This one is really hard to figure out.


          • If he is a womaniser, then he likes that fact that he can't exactly win with you...

            So, it's upsetting, he can't help but pretend that he isn't and whoo you until he gets you in the same light as all other girls, you fall.

            That is IF he is.

            Play a bit differently, I think because if he is not "anymore" that guy that loved all the attention and accepted it and used it to just have fun, he may have changed, still play your cards, but also give him a reason to text back, after stating ie) I am working all day, say, don't play too hard...

            Add that flirt in at the same time.



            • i'm playing my cards good. I deleted his number, because i didn't want to be the one texting him. Well, he has not texted and i have no way of reaching him. haha. I wouldn't be surprised if he already gave up and moved on to another girl,yet i can't stop thinking about him. I usually play the whole " i don't chase game", but its difficult with this one. Really difficult. He mentioned that he just doesn't sleep with any girl. I wonder why would he tell me things like that after i made it clear, i don't mind just being physical. I was the last one to text him a day ago. Since then, nothing. Was i right all along? I think so. Even if i wanted to call or text again, theres no way i really can. I'm glad i don't have his number, or else i wouldn't want him to think i bug. I think i should just move past it, it happened, we had fun, and it was a one time thing. Maybe someday we'll run into each other again, and be friends like we are.


              • nothing today either, i must admit im a bit bummed, i know something inside of me wanted to believe he was not that person he seems to be. I know things are best this way. I just got out of a serious relationship, what i need most is time to myself to get back on track. I feel incredibly depressed, nothing seems to make sense at this point.


                • Your fretting over (2) days lol....

                  We all want attention and need attention, especially after a break up makes us still know " we still got it".....

                  Chill sweet..

                  And, you are right, you do need to work on you, work on who you know want to be, can be and get in-tune with you...

                  He will text, he won't be able to help himself, unless he was after getting into your pants and already gave up then you'll still be happy won't you, let's face it..

                  No depression, a waste of emotions.

                  PUT A LITTLE 'LIKE' IN MY SOUL!


                  • your right, its two days
                    i guess i have to get a hold of my life at the moment,
                    to tell you the truth im not even sure of what i want. i guess your right, attention.
                    Because even if he did text i wouldn't want anything serious with him
                    there's hardly any connection.
                    the depression comes from missing my ex, of course im still in love with him. its almost going to be a month since we broke up, not quiet yet.
                    and I live about 2 hours away from home, right now i am at home for the summer.
                    I miss my friends.
                    I'm alone here, and just being with him the other night broke my loneliness.
                    However, like i said before, this is for the best. I am already in love with someone. Another problem is the last thing i need.... right?
                    than why do i feel like this?



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