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ladies need help and fast!!!

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  • ladies need help and fast!!!

    Ok so me and Brock will have been dating one year this coming Saturday. He is 17 and loves to be outside, loves his truck, but thats really it. I have no clue at all as to what to get him for our annaversery. I want it to be special but I really don't have a whole lot of money to spend right now and I need to be able to get the gift fast. So please any advice.

  • Price ranges?


    • If you want something in the $100 you can get him a tent tat attaches to his truck.
      Under $100 stuff for his truck. Or pay to get it detailed.
      Get like car wash stuff, or maybe a gift certificate to get a sound system..
      Or something like that


      • well his truck is alrdy awesome nd so is his sound system nd he rlly doesnt wana do anything else to it


        • So what about the tent for his truck. They are pretty cool. They just attach right on the bed.


          • well wht is it? cuz i have nvr heard of it


            • Ill have to google it, but I've seen them before. Its a tent for camping but it hooks right on to your truck bed so you dont have to sleep on the ground.

              (EDIT) link advertises a business - picture would be good (this link is just to show what a truck ten looks like)

              But you can get it at a big bass pro shop, or canadian tire, if your in canada or try any camping stores.

              But if you cant find one. I dunno. What about takin him out for dinner. Men love food!
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              • There has to be great books on the type of truck he owns, or model trucks you can purchase....

                He has another passion you Are you planning on doing something out of the ordinary like getting dressed up in sexy underwear? That's another added bonus.
                PUT A LITTLE 'LIKE' IN MY SOUL!


                • When I'm at a loss, getting some sexy lingerie for you to where for him never fails. Mabye even doing a sexy strip tease, or fulfilling one of his fantasies that you haven't yet. Having a sexy picture made, taking him somewhere he's been wanting to go, etc.



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