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He only speaks to me when it's convenient for him!

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  • He only speaks to me when it's convenient for him!

    He was someone I was with years ago but we tried to forget and try it again he made it clear he didn't want anything serious. At first he felt bad for taking advantage of me as I do have a past experience of bad exposures.

    He used to message me just to say hi in the beginning but lately I feel he only text me when its appropriate for him and that seems just when he wants to get laid. Whenever I want to talk or he not getting the answer he wants it'll be like one reply or just a cut off. But when he needs me im suppose to be there.

    I feel as hes keeping his options "open" with me but I dont find the lack of communication very good at all and I honestly feel like ignoring him when he messages me so he knows how it feels cus im not dropping everything for him. However I do want to have a face to face conversation about the lack of communication.

    Any thoughts?

  • I think this guy is being exactly what he said he would be... not serious. He's being about as casual as it gets, texting once in a while when it is convienent.. to keep you around. Your expectations are that of someone who is involved in something more meaningful and serious.

    If you're sick of being treated like a booty call, then stop being a booty call. You can tell him that via text, phone, email, in person... however you see fit.


    • You don't deserve that. You deserve a guy who will give you his 100% attention, always!
      "Hurt myself again today and the worst part is there's no one else to blame."


      • While you are being his booty call, you are making yourself unavailable for another relationship. I know you can do better elsewhere.
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