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To contact or not to contact?

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  • To contact or not to contact?

    Over the weekend I went to a friend's going away party and ended up sitting next to this guy I didn't know. At first there was no conversation between us, but once he broke the ice we ended up chatting the entire night, and when we left he even offered to walk me to my car. We had been talking about movies for a bit and there was one I was telling him about, but couldn't remember the name, however, that night as I was driving home I remembered the name of the movie, so decided to send him a fb message (the link to his profile was on the list in invites) telling him what it was and also that it was nice meeting him. He responded to my message, and then gave me his number and said that he wanted to give it to me before we left, but wasn't sure how I would react, and that it was really great meeting me too. I responded saying I would have loved to have taken his number that night, and then I gave him mine. I responded to him quite late at night, and he's not a big facebooker from the looks of it, so I'm not sure if he's even read my message yet.

    Now, since he has given me his number, should I contact him, and what should I say? Is it too forward to suggest that we meet up, or should I just wait to hear from him? I don't want him to think that I'm not interested.

  • He gave you his phone number, so he's definitely interested at some level! I don't think a guy would give out his number if he wasn't interested or wanted to see you again. I would go ahead and call or shoot him a simple text! Sounds like you guys really hit it off - try not to over think it too much!
    "Look both ways before you cross the street"


    • You don't know at what level of his interest is with you yet He has given you his number, stated that he "wanted" to do so, he walked you to your car, kind of makes me think he's interested...

      You've given yours back and indicated that you are glad that you have his number, however, he gave it first, you're handballing it back to him by giving yours back to him

      Sit back for a day or so. Men still do like the chace, feel curious etc. Then call him. Use the movie first of as the opening conversation, our fb message and let it flow from there.


      • You sound excited about this man. I personally suggest waiting a few days. I know it can be tough, but check up on your facebook every once in a while and wait for him to contact you. Who knows? He may just be waiting for a paycheck to clear so he can take you on a nice date.


        • Just Do It! (To steal a saying from Nike)



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