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bf seems to not respect my wishes

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  • bf seems to not respect my wishes

    hi all
    i've been seeing this guy for half a year & somehow we had good times together. lately we were arguing all the time, until i can't take it anymore. i asked for personal space and a break. at first he didn't want to, i was quite unhappy of him whenever we had arguments. in the end, he agreed and i thought that we can take a break and realize what we want in life and that he can also do his thing & my thing. after 4 days, he told me that im still his gf as long as im not seeing someone....
    i told him to give me time to think it over and at the moment it is just too much. he knows that my some of my family don't know about us...but what he did, he contacted my sister and told her that we are not together anymore. i am quite ****ed off on him of what he did, please advise

  • Hi Pau,

    The thing is, he doesn't get to "demand" what you are or what you are not, as it's about choice. If you choose he is not, then he has to accept that, it has nothing to do with you seeing someone else or not. You are a free Spirit, you belong to yourself and to someone else in mutual understanding, if you choose to.

    Telling your Sister? What's that about? Trying to sway you to agree with his methodology in my opinion.

    If you are fighting like cats and dogs and have for some time, then I would say he is not for you and honestly, from past posts, I never thought that he was in any event.

    I think it's time to stand your ground, and find yourself and find someone that you 'DO' like being with, that spends their time laughing and wanting to be with you and only you.


    • You cannot have a happy life if the two of you always fight. Your personalities clash. It would be best to find someone else that you are more compatible with.
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      • Dump the guy.

        He's obviously not mature enough to respect your wishes and then he goes behind your back and communnicates with your sister about it? Very immature - IMO.

        It appears, based on what little I know, that you deserve better.



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