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Suddenly stopped talking to me.

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  • Suddenly stopped talking to me.

    A man that I have been seeing for six months has suddenly stopped speaking to me. This is after being together all the time. talking all night, dates etc. Then suddenly, he just dropped off. No dates, no phone calls, texts...nothing. At first I wondered if something was wrong. I've called and left a message, texted him and said "hey there! Everything okay?" I even sent him a Facebook message and kept it light. No response.

    This wasn't a one date or a couple of dates sort of thing. This was six months. I've gotten more personal with him then I ever have with anyone. I've been intimate with him. (First guy that happened with too) I don't know what happened, but obviously it's (suddenly) over. The worst part is there's no closure and I wish I had it. I feel so hurt and angry. How do I move on?

  • Do you recall anything happening before he stopped speaking to you? Did he mention anything going on?

    It seems strange that after a few months of being together that he would stop communicating with you for no reason as to why. The only time I've ever heard of that happening is when the guy was cheating on his spouse and she found out and demanded contact be cut off. Are you 100% certain this man was single? I'm not saying this is what was going on - obviously I have no idea and am just speculating a possible cause based on an acquaintance's similar experience.

    If he won't answer you at all, then I suppose all you can do is try to forget by keeping yourself busy so you don't continue to dwell on the unanswered questions. Go out with friends, start a new hobby, join a gym, etc, etc.... go out and be active.


    • Hey KMonte!

      This is the weird thing: I'm 100% sure he's single. Very single. (In the very beginning of course, when things we more casual, I asked him. Told him I was looking for something serious. He agreed he was too) He always seems to be going to places alone lately. Ballgames, football games, spending (a lot) of time in his apartment. You name it, he's by himself. He's made no mention of anything going on. The last time we talked, everything was great. Even friends (and I'm even talking guy friends) think it's odd.


      • I can understand you feel very hurt and angry... that's the worst way to leave somebody.
        How well do you think you know that guy? Do you think he could hide you something about his past?
        Did you have any argument before he stopped contacting you? If your relationship wasn't going completely well with him before, he may just have decided to break with you and didn't feel courageous enough to explain it to you...


        • This must so hard for you. Maybe he was too much of a coward to face you in a break up. Or maybe he has a really good excuse. KMonte85 is right. It seems a bit strange. Let us know littlekitkat, ok?


          • this is so strange. i can imagine how painful it is for you. but if he really is too much of a coward to actually end it, for whatever reason that may be, you are better off. if this is the type of person he is, he would have hurt you in some other way in the future. he sounds immature, noncommittal, and unstable, and those are not qualities you want in a partner. as much as it hurts now, think of how much more it would hurt if you were together for 2 years, and then he did something else stupid? you got out early, and you are better off. but still, im really sorry about this



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